What are the skin conditions during pregnancy?

Motherhood is one of the most cherished periods in a woman’s life. From the moment one gets to know she is pregnant they start taking extra care to keep the baby safe. Although it is a very prized period of time one can face many types of complications, be it physical or mental. During the first trimester, the body goes through many changes as another person is growing inside the womb. The major changes can be seen in the body as there are many skin problems one face during the span of time.

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Some of the most common skin problems faced during pregnancy are as follow:

Stretch marks

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The most common type of skin problem faced during pregnancy is stretch marks. It is also known as Striae gravidarum which are caused due to hormonal changes. Around 90 percent of the woman face this problem by the time they reach their third trimester. Stretch marks usually occur as purple or red lines or bands in the abdomen, breast, buttocks upper arms and thighs. This might disappear into the flesh color after the pregnancy but does not go away totally. There are various types of creams and oils available on the market that can be used from the beginning to prevent stretch marks.

Spider veins

Spider veins can be painful to some experiencing it. It is also known as spider angiomas which are another disease caused by hormonal changes and increase in blood volume due to pregnancy. The most common place where this is visible in the legs. But it can also occur in the face, arms, abdomen, and chest. Vitamin C is a good remedy for spider veins. One can avoid crossing their legs, sleep on their left side, elevation of legs, exercising to treat the problem. After pregnancy, it can stay up to four months and should be taken medical help if not resolved.

Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy

This is also known as PUPPP which is like a rash that is developed on the stretch marks during the third trimester of pregnancy. When the baby grows fast in the last stage of pregnancy this rash can occur which is itchy in nature. PUPPP is visible in every 1 out of 150 women during pregnancy. The rash first grows in the abdomen then rapidly spreads to the thighs, arms, buttocks. Moisturizer can be used to prevent the rash and medical steroids are also taken by the women experiencing extreme PUPPP.

Melasma and lineanigra

When a woman is pregnant she might develop black spots on the skin. This is known as melasma. It is a common type of skin problem faced by women during the later stage of pregnancy. Another type of skin problem is lineanigra which is a black line that runs down the abdomen. Melasma is visible in the upper lips, forehead, jawline and nose in the shape of a mask. Melasma is caused due to the hormonal changes in the body which leads to an increase in the amount of melanin produced inside the body. One can use sun protection to prevent the dark spots. If a woman is experiencing melasma or lineanigra she should not wax, should use concealer or use hyper allergic skin product.

Atopic dermatitis

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Eczema is the other name for atopic dermatitis which is a disease that will worsen when one is pregnant. The patches can occur in the scalp, forehead and cheeks. Although eczema is not contagious but this can lead to another type of skin disease. This can be treated with certain rules and medicines. One must keep their shower time short and should use lukewarm water to take a bath. Moisturizer should be applied to the affected area and cold compression are to be given frequently to stop the itching. If the problem is still there after a certain period of time then one should take medical assistance and take prescribed medicines to treat the disease.

The above-mentioned skin problems are the most commonly found skin disease among women during pregnancy. Although they are not harmful for the mother or the baby but medical help should be taken if the problem is persistent.