Different types of best popular massages

It is great to have the perfect massage therapy. In fact, all members of the family are in best need of the massage to stay well always. There are Western and Swedish techniques of massaging and you even have the deep tissue process of massaging. You would even prefer to follow the oriental massage technique and there are more things like the Shiatsu and the Thai massage form. If you have the inclination towards yoga then you are sure to love the Thai massage form. There is no point in thinking that when you take a massage you have to be undressed. You can even take massages wearing comfy clothes. You just have to know the technique in this case.

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The Form of Whole Body Massage

The first massage you can talk of is the whole body massage. This is the most popular western massage therapy. The sort of relaxation is offered at the spa and the massage takes place with the five different strokes. The first stroke is the Effleurage. This is the long and the luxurious gliding stroke. The next stroke is Petrissage. This is the sort of kneading stroke you can perform. Then you have the third stroke known as Tapotement. This is the percussion or the tapping stroke. There is even the friction or the rapid stroke and lastly you have the vibration or the jostling stroke. These strokes are extremely vital for relaxing and revitalizing. The massage technique can help in releasing the muscle tension and there is even increase in the method of blood circulation. AS you tend to stay tensed most of the time this is the perfect massage therapy you can practice. This is the process by which you can get rid of the extra tension and perform great at the workplace. Once you have taken the massage you feel great for some days. When the effect of the therapy starts diminishing, you can take to the therapy once more for that revitalizing effect. This is the perfect way to make you rest internally.

The Popular Trigger Point Therapy

The next one you have is the Trigger Point Therapy. The technique helps in searching out the painful nodules of the body and this way the muscles and the connective tissues are made to relax. In fact, in the way you can take care of the tender points and follow the pattern to massage the specific areas. The therapist in this case will apply a combination of the static pressure on the particular trigger points and will also cause manipulation and stretching of the specific areas so that the painful tissues become soft and light. The trigger point therapy has connection with the other massage types and it can relate to the sports massage as well. This is the reason you can say that the massage type is best for the sports persons as they tend to get injured and tired rapidly. The techniques will help you to relax and in the way you can get rid of all unnecessary pain and discomfort.

The Benefit of Foot Reflexology

You have the massage type known as foot reflexology. There are particular points on the feet which act as reflexes to the other parts of the body. These may be internal organs too. The reflexes are better stimulated with the usage of the fingers and the thumbs. In case you are feeling tired you can get the sore feet rubbed. If you want that special feel then you can even try for a foot bath. For this you are made to sit on a special chair or you are even made to lie on the massage table. Reflexology takes place on the reflex points and these are areas on the ears and the hands. This is the most relaxing technique one can practice and you can enjoy the benefit of the same especially when you are unable to have a full body massage. In order to have the whole body massage feel this is the right technique you can select and with this you can feel absolutely taken care of. Once you are made to lie on the massage table the therapy begins and it feels like being in a different world.