Underarm hair removal with sugar

Body sugaring is a form of ancient art, which includes hair removal in the most natural process, you could have thought of. It includes the amalgamation of lemon, water and sugar, and sometimes honey to make it thicker. The paste has to be molded to skin on the opposite direction from hair growth and then swiftly flicked off! This is how you remove the sugar paste and extract the unwanted strands with ease. This ancient technique makes you break the strands on the direction they grow, so that you are less discomforted. After you serve your body, you simply have to remove the gloves and the paste, to see the beautifully transformed underarms you led yourself to!

This method is inexpensive and easy to remove unwanted hair. This can be easily done at home, without using expensive creams or harsh razors. This is a non-toxic remedy which is perfect for sensitive skin. The results last longer. Make sure you don’t confuse sugaring with waxing as this sugar-based wax lasts longer. You can use clean cloth strips. Once you excel the art, you won’t want to retrieve back to other methods of hair removal!


How to lighten underarm skin

  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 1/4 th cup lemon/lime juice
  • 1/8 th cup of water
  • Small sauce pan

Steps to prepare

1. Get the ingredients: at first you have to get all the ingredients so that you are good to go! Use any type of sugar you prefer. You can always use the pre-packaged lemon or lime juice, if you store them at home, but the raw and fresh ones would surely be better!

2. Prepare the paste: measure all the amounts of the ingredients, and then add it to the saucepan. Add water and then follow it with the sugar. Finally add lemon extract and wait for all of them to dissolve. Make sure that the saucepan is non-stick and use a rubber spatula along with it.

3. Keep an eye: If you have a cooking/candy thermometer, it could be of great help. You’d have to attach it to the saucepan and then keep an eye. As soon the thermometer read 240 degrees Fahrenheit, you’d have to turn the pan off. Sometimes the temperature varies with the climate of the environment. This temperature is apt for dry and mild climate.

4. Checking the color of the sugar: the sugar paste is going to have a different color with time. It could look maroon or amber. The mixture should be soft enough for the room temperature. If you have access to some guar gum, you could add it to the paste and mix it. This would make the paste last longer and enhance the mix.

Homemade scrubs to lighten underarms

5. Pouring the paste: pour the paste in a jar, but make sure it is not very hot. The utensil can break and you could spill the mix. Let the mix come down to room temperature within a few hours. Don’t apply it till you skin can bear the warmth.

6. Use on the required zone: the best part of making a mild and non-toxic mixture for hair removal, gives you the leverage to use it in any many places you like. This is not just for underarms but can also be applied to your hands, legs and bikini line. Some people use it on the face and get their facial hair removed at home! If you can immune yourself to the pain, you will have lesser hair growth with time.

7. Prepare the skin: it is now when you ask yourself how ready you are for the application and the entire process. Sometimes we get excited about DIY remedies, but then realize that it gets difficult with time. Sugaring is apt when done after a shower, so you can take a bath and then start off. The skin stays moisturized at this time and your body doesn’t stick to the sugar. One more reason to take a bath is to let the pores open. This reduces pain and cleans the skin better.

8. Clean and dry your skin: sprinkle some talcum/baby powder on your body before you start off with the waxing process. This will help sugar to stick to the hair. Scoop out the paste and apply.

9. Stretching it out: you need to make sure that you stretch out on the direction opposite to hair growth. Sugar is best when the strands are short, so if you can use scissors to slightly trim long strands, you could get a better result. After applying, wait for sometime so that it sinks inside the pores. This lets it have a better grip. For pulling, you should follow the same direction of hair growth. This will let you have a better grip. Use new piece of sugar if you stop feeling the stretch!

10. Sugaring a little more: unlike waxing, you should sugar your body more and more. This reduces the later pain when rubbed with your hand. The rubbing action blocks the pain and it keeps your body smoother.