Disadvantages of consuming more salt

More salt intake can cause heightened blood pressure. Due to hypertension you may suffer from stroke, heart failures and other ailments of the heart. In UK intake of salt is considered to be the reason of death and disability.

Some say that intake of the salt can even cause cancer in the stomach and there are more diseases like obesity, osteoporosis, stone in the kidney and other ailments of the kidney as well.

Too much intake of the salt can give way to vascular dementia and cases of water retention. Salt can even give rise to the symptoms of asthma. So it’s time to look for alternatives to salt.

Salt can cause diabetes too and this is the reason this is the best time that you give up the intake of the same and feel at the best.

Adverse effects of consuming more salt


There can be stroke when the blood stops reaching to the brain. This reduces the flow of oxygen to the main brain area. As a result the cells will die. Strokes happen in two possible methods.

One can suffer from ischemic stroke and this happens when the blood vessels are blocked. You even have the hemorrhagic stroke and this happens when there is bursting of the blood vessels leading to excessive bleeding to the brain.

Stroke is the main cause of extreme adult disability. Stroke takes place due to high blood pressure and this is the individual risk factor and there is rising of the blood pressure due to the intake of excess salt.

This is the reason that salt is the main reason for having stroke. Thus, it is a wrong belief that you have stroke when you are aged. Possibility of stroke can be eliminated with the reduction in the level of salt intake.

Coronary heart disease

You can have coronary heart disease due to the intake of excess salt. The disease happens when the blood supply to the heart is reduced or there is unnecessary blocking of the blood flow.

This can really give way to heart failure and you can even have severe heart attack. CHD has killed more people in UK. More than 300,000 people suffer from heart attacks each year.

When there is raised blood pressure you have more chances of suffering from CHD. When the blood pressure is high the walls of the blood vessels become thick. It becomes so narrow that it cannot make the blood reach to the heart.

If this happens continuously then it can lead to the thickening of the heart muscles. In the way the heart lacks the ability to pump blood around the parts of the body and as a result there can be heart failure.

Heart failure will happen when enough blood is not carried to the heart and this causes the possibility of heart attack. There can be raised blood pressure due to the high salt intake and this can be a major risk factor for CHD.

So it is important that you have reduced salt intake and along with the same you should reduce weight and make changes in your lifestyle.


Best salt alternatives to control BP

It is important for you to know that excess salt intake cause obesity and overweight in most of the adults.

Once you are obese you have the tendency of suffering from various ailments like high blood pressure, CHD, diabetes, sleep apnea and the rest.

When you have more of salt you feel so thirsty and this is the reason you tend to drink more fluids. If these are sugary fluids then there are chances that you have weight gain.

You can have asthma due to excess salt intake. One in eleven children and one in twelve adults are affected due to asthma.

In case your child has asthma it is important that you reduce the salt intake of the child or else the condition can aggravate. It is important that if you have asthma and other disease the reduction in salt intake can really help you overcome the condition.

Once the intake is limited you can have limited ailment symptoms and this is the secret of staying well and spending life without diseases