DIY beauty recipes with honey

You can at best use honey for the reason of pampering and treating your skin and hair. In fact, there are several ways by which you can use honey to take the perfect care of the skin.

If you take raw or unpasteurized honey and use the same on the skin the effect is sure to be wondrous. Honey is versatile and honey is natural and it is the best component you can arrange to help the skin appear so bright and wonderful.

Homemade honey beauty recipes

Moisturizing face mask

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First you can use honey as a moisturizing face mask. After the application of the honey mask the face is sure to feel so soft and clean. For the treatment just pour a spoonful of honey on your hand and then you can spread it well on all parts of the face.

The honey should be properly rubbed over the skin texture and you can retain the same for to 30 minutes. After the application is over it is time that you rinse off the same with warm water.

To make the mask better effective you can well blend honey, egg yolk and buttermilk and then you can apply the combined ingredients to several parts of the face to let the skin glow and get healed in fashion.

Facial cleanser

Honey can even be used as a kind of facial cleanser. You can call honey the best makeup dissolving residue. If you mix honey with the sort of gentle oil and then apply on the skin the effect is sure to be great. You can take coconut oil or jojoba oil and well combine the same with honey for the sort of perfect skin effect.

Honey is sticky and this is the reason you may find it hard to spread the same well on all parts of the skin. This is the reason it would be right to mix honey with oil and then apply the same well over the skin. The oil encourages the spreading nature of honey.

When rubbing honey on all parts of the face you should avoid the area of the eyes. Honey helps in unclogging the pores and after the application is over you should clean the same using warm water. Just watch out for the effect and it is sure to be stupendous.


You can make honey as a kind of body scrubbing agent and for this it should be well mixed with almond.

In order to make the paste you need to take two teaspoons of ground almonds and two teaspoons of honey. The paste should be used in rubbing the face and this should take place in the circular motion.

After the application is over you should use warm water to wash off the same. You can use the same elements of almond and honey to treat all parts of the skin. It would seem a bit costly but the ingredients are extremely beneficial for the skin texture.

Skin lotion

In case you are in look for a natural and effective skin lotion then honey can surely do the job well. Especially during the winter months honey and olive oil together with drops of lemon can be great for your skin.

The mixture can even work in causing brightness of the skin. This lotion should be applied on the parts of the skin which has become dry.

After the application is over you can make the lotion stay for twenty minutes. Then it is time that you wipe out the lotion using a warm towel.

Honey and lemon

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Honey and lemon together go extremely well. This is the best facial product you can use in making the skin so bright and soft.

Lemon contains Vitamin C and it is full of antioxidants. Lemon is rich in alpha hydroxy acid and this helps in the process of skin exfoliation.

Take a lemon and cut it half. Add some honey to one of the lemon slices and then you can rub the same to all parts of the face and skin. The rubbing should be well done on the sides of the skin.

After the application is over the honey should be allowed to settle for five minutes and then it is time to rinse off the same with warm water.