Do’s and don’ts during weight loss

Does your weighing machine always show-up the same digits?? Fussed up what to believe, what not to do, how to lose weight…trust me you will have a ball of time, learning little mistakes that took you off track all these days.

Slay those love handles, extra calories, heavy bottom, boxy thighs and work on over all body shape. Strategy here we use in losing weight is being fit physically – mentally –emotionally.

Walk for weight loss

Best yoga poses for weight loss

Walk for about 30 minutes – 1 hour every morning or evening and you should see the benefits soon. Walking is one of the most famous weight loss techniques for everyone that has no rules to follow and can be done anytime, anywhere before or after meals. Don’t underestimate the power of walking it helps tone up all of your body muscles.

  • Jogging or strenuous exercises needs empty stomach to start up or at least a gap of 2 hours after meals.

15 minutes yoga

Yoga one of the most popular and powerful weight loss procedures is in full swing, attracting more people to succeed overall health issues. Use the smartphones smartly guys!! There are hundreds of apps on yoga. I bought “Surya Namaskara” app recently and works wonders with a timer. Hope you download one and have it done on your own. You don’t need to be a pro. 15 minutes of warm up yoga asanas are sufficient to promote good blood circulation and eliminate fat accumulation in the body.

Say no to installment meals

You end up eating more!! Stop eating your meals in installments. Have a very light breakfast of your choice. Eat a heavy lunch without counting on calories between 12:30pm- 2pm. This is the ultimate time to have whatever your taste buds asks for be it extra cheese pizza or a full plate rice platter if you love rice.

It’s because when sun is on full rise i.e. at afternoon our body tends to digest the food more easily.

Have fruits or salads or munchies in between 3pm to 5pm. You hardly feel hungry in the evening as your stomach is loaded already. Have a light dinner with a roti/sabzi or opt oats porridge. You can even skip dinner for very easy weight loss at fast pace.

Late night dinners overtime accumulate undigested food fats into your body and it keeps on adding up everyday, leading to high cholesterol levels, heart problems, weight gain despite following regular exercises.

Skipping dinners is not a myth. It’s healthy!! You will see yourself feeling light and more active the next morning. Try and you will see the results on weighing machine.

Weight loss supplements

There are so many websites and ads working hard to pull money out of your pockets by taking advantage over your weight loss issue.

Guys stop spending on crash diet supplements that are very costly. We have enough!! If you are too obese or want to lose extra weight post pregnancy or want to maintain overall weight and health in balance. Try herbal products like Triphala churn (25 INR) and divya medohar vati have proven to be successful and very cheap.

Exercise and yoga

How to lose weight fast

It’s hard to find exercise time every morning. Don’t exercise if your bowels are jammed. You’re putting yourself into risk. Empty the stomach before you exercise or do yoga. 6am-10am in the morning and 6pm to 10pm in the evening are the most conductive times to workout. Switch accordingly!!!

Massage the new message for weight loss

Stop messaging friends about how to lose weight, here is the new trick – massage.

Do it yourself or opt for a maalish wali or ask your mom, if married your spouse to help you get massage done. Sesame oil/ almond oil/ coconut oil/olive oil – whatever that suits your body go for it. I prefer sesame oil for its amazing fat burning quality. Rub oil onto those loves handles, heavy thighs, buttocks, loose arms and you will feel the results.

Twice in a week gives fruitful results.

Stop killing carbohydrates

Don’t ignore rice. Prefer healthy rice. Yes, get used to eating Parboiled rice and brown rice as they are loaded with proteins and vitamins despite being less in calories compared to regular white rice.


Fast for at least 24-32 hours every 15 days to cleanse your whole system…

Practice doing it for 28 days and you will establish a routine for yourself!!! Share this article with your dear ones!!