Dos and don’ts in kissing

Cozy and intimate moments symbolize the blooming of love between two people. They play a vital role in maintaining the health of a relationship. No matter whether you are a guy or a girl, never be shy in taking the first step to come close to your partner.

The way you kiss can leave a long lasting impression on your relationship. It might become a reason to walk apart or for a beginning of true love and attraction. This is why knowing what can make your kiss perfect is of utmost importance for the health of your relationship.

Dos of kissing

Fit in the frame

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Kissing generally, does not come up with planning or scheduling. It could be that you just fall into your lover’s eyes and go with the flow of the moment and think to plot a kiss on her lips. Make sure you tilt your head properly according to her height and the face location. Your nose should not come in between the kissing scene. Getting on with a correct position has many benefits.

Be slow

Be it first kiss in a relationship or first kiss of that particular meeting, making it gentle and soft is the right track to move on. You might have seen aggressive and passionate kissing scenes in movies and would fantasize to do something of the same sort. But wait, leave that for the later and begin with something where you can notice what the other person is feeling. The sensations of her reaction tell whether she likes it or not.

Notice her

You cannot see much of the other person’s reaction while kissing. But still her movements and breath can tell you lot about her mood. You need to notice those sensations and increase or decrease the intensity of the kiss accordingly.

You can also try other forms of kissing like, the French kiss to make it more sensual if everything goes well.

Incorporate touch

Your hands can create extra magic while kissing. You can use your hands to pull her towards you or even touch the neck and move in the hairs. This will be an addition to create a romantic feel and arouse her even more.

Breath right

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What if you just happen to come close right after the lunch date? What about the smell of that garlic toasts that you just had with the pasta few minutes before? Such moments can make way anytime and you need to stay prepared to make them perfect. That is why always carry a mouth freshening spray along in your bag on dates. Just spray it after eating something or before leaving the house to smell right!

Don’ts of kissing

Don’t tighten it

You have to relax yourself before thinking to kiss. Do not make your lips too tight or stiff and push yourself towards your partner while kissing. You have to make the right move by keeping your lips relaxed. This will make the other person feel that you are interested in kissing.

No slobber

Saliva can ruin the whole thought of kissing perfectly and being romantic with your partner. Nobody likes to feel it while kissing. If you are feeling nervous then take time and swallow in the saliva or spit out in the bathroom of the restaurant, basically anytime when she is not around to begin with kissing.

Have patience

We all get excited while being close to our partners but you need to do things step wise and not jump onto something really fast. Bringing the tongue into the kissing scene first is not the appropriate choice for a new relationship and beginners. Leave it for the later part and just focus on kissing normally first.

One has to be very careful when it comes to kissing for the first time. It should not be a disappointing action in any relationship. Make sure that she is ready and allows you to make such a move. Also, be polite if you are not sure of the feeling. Jumping on to passion is something adventurous but only with consent of the partner. You can surely proceed bringing in new dimensions of romance while kissing by taking breaks in between and after the first kiss. This can help a lot in making her feel comfortable while kissing!