Do’s and don’ts monsoon

Who doesn’t like monsoon?

The wet soil scent – that dewy climate -heavy rain pouring sound – woo – it lightens up the mood – that attention grabbing thunder lightning storms –  everything feel so fresh – as if whole of our surroundings took a shower up from the sky.

It’s a blessing to watch the rain, flowers bloom but watch out guys -those streaming water on roads may have open sewages or a bump.

I’m here to put forward few dos and don’ts during monsoon- a little effort put forward to safeguard you from seasonal infections and care with the onset of monsoons.

Going outdoors in monsoon

How to care your skin in monsoon

  • Always carry an umbrella when outdoors. However, waterproof jacket with a hood works best and is handier if you want to enjoy rain without getting wet.
  • Buy footwear that does not retain water. No to heels go plain with flip flops
  • Traffic jams and road blocks are common troubles you get to face on the go. Make sure you carry a power bank along to charge up your phone on-the-go.
  • If it’s way too long enjoy the rain with your favorite track playing on your phone
  • Say no to see-through dresses – don’t let people gaze at you.
  • Carry a plastic cover along to protect electronics and gadgets from wetting

Indoors in monsoon

Monsoon is the season of love. Forget your past – say bye to all your bad days – start fresh.

  • Electric shocks are not uncommon.
  • Unplug all your electronic devices for a safer monsoon
  • Wipe your hands properly when handling electronics
  • When thunder storms – don’t stand under a tree as it conducts electricity – move to nearby buildings or cars and close the windows.
  • Avoid isolated hills, beach shores, terraces of tall buildings, boats when thunderstorms.

Drying clothes

This may sound weird but wet clothes are a major household concern during rainy season.

  • Place a small packet full of sea-salt in the corner of a room to absorb the moisture in the room where your clothes are drying
  • Use naphthalene balls in your wardrobes, bathroom outlets, sinks and washbasins to reduce the risk of growing mould and fungus
  • Use a hair dryer to instantly dry your clothing that you cannot iron
  • Use an iron and a towel.

Change to soup

If you are in plans to switch from drinking coffee – soups are extremely beneficial to call over. Rain and excessive coffee intake make you dehydrated. Coffee lovers cannot stand this but try to replace your coffee mugs with soups once in a while. Fill your coffee mug with soup – that’s a new trick to stay healthy this monsoon.

Healthy snack options

Top health tips during monsoon

Crave for evening snacks together with rain makes hard to resist from those spicy, crunchy and mouth-watering savoury snacks like samosa, chat, chai and pakoras.

Here are few healthy snacks to relish in monsoon:

  • Steam a corn cob
  • Homemade chaat
  • Samosa filled with steamed corn
  • Bread sandwich
  • Paneer nuggets
  • Roasted peanuts
  • Popcorn
  • Bread pizza

Cold and cough

It’s the waking time – rain brings out all the worms and bacteria hiding under the grounding up – thus spreading too many illness and health issues, the most common of all being flue, fever, cold and cough. Your immune system must be strong enough to defend them so have good food:

  • Keep your body hydrated – sip loads of water
  • Warm water or flavored water with coriander seeds, cumin or fennel works wonders to keep monsoon illness away
  • Ginger tea works
  • To get rid of skin infections – Neem leaves can help – put few neem leaves in your hot water and bath.
  • Eucalyptus oil works to keep blocked nose jams free. Put few drops on a cloth and inhale and see the difference.

Roads and travelling preparedness

Best skin care tips in monsoon

With the developing infrastructure still in process, monsoon creates havoc with flooding roads and streaming water with open manholes life becomes more threatening.

  • Poor visibility makes driving on roads a big challenge for most of us.
  • With heavy rains electric poles, wire meshes or industrial machinery
  • Be cautious enough to avoid driving / walking on to roads that are filled with water channels
  • Drive slow
  • Seat belts on
  • Pick and drop your kids off schools

It’s the best time to start planting trees!!! I’m sure you will love it and gives your heart great pleasure watching your balcony plants blooming with flowers!!