Easy ways to increase protein intake

Are you looking for ways to lose weight or improve your health? A high protein diet is the best way to do it. It helps you gain more energy and makes you feel full.

Few easy ways to improve your protein intake are:

23Add lentils in your soup

Protein rich foods

If you are looking for options to increase the protein amount in your soup, then you can add lentil to it. Lentils are an alternative source of protein for every vegetarian. You can add a handful of it in rice, noodles or other items.

22Sprinkle pumpkin seeds to your hummus

Pumpkin seeds can also help in increasing the protein intake. You can sprinkle them on top of your hummus or add some in your oatmeal or yogurt.

21Blend tahini to salad dressing

Tahini is prepared from sesame paste. It is an excellent substitute for oil in salad dressings. It helps to increase your protein intake.

20Add Chia seeds in puddings

You can swap the eggs with chia seeds in baking different things. They will make your baked items creamy and taste delicious.

19Blend tofu as a smoothie or shake thickener

Tofu is not only used in stir fry, but is also used as a thickener in smoothies and shakes. You can also add them to dips and soups to make them thicker.

18Make it crunchy with granola

High protein rich foods

Granola helps to give the perfect crunch to your oatmeal or yogurt. This will add up your protein intake. You can spice it up by adding almonds or peanuts.

17Include baked potato in your diet

Including potato in your diet gives 8 grams of additional protein. Well this starch isn’t that bad? Right? But make sure you don’t add cheese, sour cream or bacon in it. You will just end up ruining it.

16Add macadamia nuts in your diet

This is another good way to increase your protein content by adding macadamia to your cookie or brownie mix.

15Take your protein first

From your meal, you should choose to have your protein source first which will make you feel full. High protein intake decreases the hunger hormone levels and boosts your metabolism rate after eating. It also helps to control your blood sugar levels after a meal.

14Munch on cheese

Cheese is highly rich in protein and calcium which makes you feel full and reduces your hunger. It helps to improve the health of your heart.

13Have eggs for breakfast

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Toast, cereals and bagels are low protein options. But having eggs can make a high protein meal which will give you a boost of energy in the morning.

It will keep you full for several hours so you end up taking less calories throughout the day. They also reduce the risk of heart disease. You can have boiled, scrambled or hard boiled eggs.

12Include Greek Yogurt in your diet

Greek Yogurt is rich in protein and helps to make your meal a high protein one. It is made by removing whey and other liquids to get a creamier form of yogurt.

It makes you feel full and reduces your hunger. It also fulfils your requirement of probiotics. Top it with berries of chopped fruits or you it in dips as a substitute of sour cream.

11Add almonds to your meal

Almonds are very healthy. They are high in protein and low in carbs. So sprinkle few almonds on some yogurt, cottage cheese, salads or oatmeal.

10Drink more milk

Milk is a good source of protein. It contains a good quantity of whey and casein so you must drink at least 1 glass of milk every day unless you are lactose intolerant.

9Add protein rich food in your salad

You can add oats, almonds, chicken breast, cottage cheese, lean beef, Tuna, shrimp, legumes or Brussels sprouts to make your salad high in protein.

8Choose leaner and bigger pieces of meat

High protein vegetarian foods

Opting for leaner and a bit larger pieces of meat can increase the protein content and your meal will be lower in calories.

7Take a protein shake for breakfast

A perfect smoothie or protein shake can be a morning booster. Add protein powder to make your shakes have high protein content. You can also add whey, soy or egg to get your protein level. To boost more protein you can add peanut butter, almond butter, flax seeds or Chia seeds.

6Take peanut butter and fruits

Fruits are low in protein, though they are rich in nutrients, fiber and antioxidants. Peanut butter which is rich in proteins have a creamy texture which goes best with fruits like apples and pears.

Put 2 tablespoons of peanut butter on the fruit which will help to decrease your hunger and make you feel full for longer time.


Hummus helps to reduce your cravings and is rich in proteins as it is prepared from chickpeas.

4Include Edamame in your diet

Edamame is unripe, steamed soybeans. They have higher protein content compared to other legumes. It is a great snack to munch on or you can add it in your stir-fry recipes.

3Canned Fish

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Canned fish can help to increase your protein intake. You can have it like a snack or with a meal. If you are a fan of mayo, you can have it with some homemade mayo or add it on top of your salad or directly from the can.

2Cottage Cheese

This is another food that is rich in protein content. It makes you feel full and reduces the hunger. It is equivalent to having eggs. You can have it alone or with chopped nuts or seeds. It is a good, quick breakfast option.

1Include peas in your meals

Peas are a good source of protein. Add them in vegetables, soups or hummus to improve your protein intake.