What is eyebrow arching? How to shape eyebrows at home naturally?

It will be tricky assignment when it comes to arching eyebrows. But, some people are having this activity in their profession. But, even if you don’t have this in your profession, there are ways through which you can manage giving a shape to your eyebrow readily at your home. But, you need to follow some simple step which will be quite beneficial for making eyebrow arching at home. Eyebrow arching is nothing but providing a perfect shape to your eyebrow.

Steps for eyebrow arching naturally at home

Get the right shape

  • Measuring inside portion of eyebrow

In order to provide the right shape it will be important to measure the inside portion of the eyebrow. The eyebrow must be placed in the correct position so that your face looks good and proportionate. Perfect eyebrow helps in getting brightness of eye.

You also need a brown pencil at the time of arching your eyebrow. You need to hold your eyebrow pencil vertically which should also be aligned with the inside corner of eye. This point of intersection is the right place from where your eyebrow must be started.

The line so formed must be placed near the nose bridge. As soon as you find the perfect starting point, start marking it with a brown pencil.

  • Creating right shape

You need to fill in your entire brows from starting till end with the help of an eyebrow pencil. It is also equally important to make it thin if you think it too be too much thick and bushy in appearance. But, you need to have attention on the shape of the eyebrow. The ideal thickness of your eyebrow will be three eyebrow pencil strokes. Do not make it too thin that may not have the capacity of suiting your face.

  • Removal of extra hair

If you think your eyebrow forms extra hair, you must use tweezers in order to remove it. You can easily pull the unwanted brows from the outside position of the brows that are in good shape. It will be advisable not too pull too many hairs from the top surface of your brow or else this might cause disruption of your brow shape. It is advisable to pluck out the hairs that are placed at the bottom as well as in the corners of brows.

Hair removal through waxing

Heating up the wax

The first step of removal of hairs from brows through waxing will be through waxing. For this, first of all you need to melt the wax with heat. You also need to know the temperature under which the wax will get melted. Some steps would include:

  • Testing your wax from the inside position of wrist which will be a test before applying on the face. This is a process to find out whether the wax is too hot.
  • Always go for liquid wax rather than wax strip as it is much more flexible with regards to the freedom of application.

Preparation of your face

Best tips to shape your eyebrow

It becomes really important to make your face skin ready before starting the process of waxing. If you have any makeup around your eyebrows and cheeks, this is the time to remove the makeup completely from there.

The next step will be to pin up your hair at the back so that it does not fall on your eye for disrupting. Rather there is a chance that if the wax fall on your hair, it will stick and will hardly have scope of removal.

You can also find some wax in the market that comes with pre wax solution. You should take some portion of it and dab over your brows with the help of a cotton ball.

Wax application

You must be very careful when you are in the process of wax application. You need to get a tool with which you will apply wax over your brows. Popsicle stick or a wand will be effective in this procedure. You have to apply it in a small section at first in order to test. Even this is done so that the wax can dry quickly. This will help you make many minute changes.

Release the wax

After applying wax over the particular area, the next step will be to put the fabric. You need to press the fabric firmly over the brows where the wax is placed so that it sticks really well. You need to wait for sometime till the wax cools down. Now you need to pull the fabric so that the wax is removed along with the hair. You can now get well shaped eyebrows with eradication of excess hair from your eyebrow set. Continue this process with the next eyebrow.