How to do contouring? Contouring makeup tips

Ladies willing to look attractive must be aware of some important tips that keeps themselves presentable. You must have seen your favorite television star and celebrities with a very gorgeous finish over their face. All of us might not be aware of makeup selection and application that can makeup look pretty. We have very few makeup accessories such as foundation, face powder, eyeliner, kajal pencil and lipstick. But, all these accessories are not enough to give a gorgeous look. Here likes the makeup quality of us and the makeup artist. They have a box of very good quality makeup accessories along with proper expertise to give you a natural and gorgeous touch.

Contouring and its application

Contouring and its application

How to choose makeup for skin tone

A wonderful feature of makeup is known as contouring which is very well been used by the makeup artists. This is an art which will help you get some spectacular curves and shapes of your face through makeup. This will easily change the layout of your face. For example if you have a round face, the contouring effect of the makeup will be ideal to create a lengthening effect of your roundish face. 

Outlining a face

The art of contouring helps outlining a figure and fit it to a perfect shape. A face without makeup especially without the effect of contouring will be really pale and unattractive. Another way of defining contouring is creating shadow at various angles of your face. The shadows are really effective as provides an enhancement in your facial feature. You must have seen sculptures made by the artists who are very different than a normal idol or a portrait. Contouring will help you provide a look of a sculpted idol.

Application of contour 

If you are willing to go ahead with the contouring look, step by step application of contour will be really important.

Step 1 It is important to get brushes of different varieties in order to apply your bronzer in a perfect way. It will be preferable to use a fan brush or simply the eye shadow fluff brush over the smaller areas of your skin. In larger areas the angled brush must be used.

Step 2 Highlighting is an important part of contouring which will add a lighting effect to your face. Your face will become much more prominent once light is added to your face through the highlights. Apply the highlighter and pull them forward towards your eye.

Step 3 Use several highlighter to try and see which one is best for your skin. Each can go with several dresses of your that have different colors. Ladies generally likes pink color which has shimmery finish. You can also add a golden undertone to this color. You must try the cream highlighter as it can blend on your skin properly.

Step 4– You must add little highlighter with your foundation as this will add a glow to your skin.

Tips of getting contouring done effectively 


Tips of getting contouring done effectively

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You must go for a foundation that matches with the color of your skin. Do not go for the foundation that is either lighter or darker than your skin tone. If you can get the foundation of even color, it will help making your skin tone even. You need to apply foundation throughout your face and neck.

Lighter shade foundation

Since facial contouring would include highlights with both lighter and darker skin tone, now go for a lighter shade of foundation which is lighter than your skin tone. If you don’t have a lighter shade of foundation, go for the concealers. If you are using the cream makeup, go for cream only, but if it is powder makeup, use everything in powdered form.

Darker shade foundation

Once you have use the lighter shade of foundation than your shade, now the next step will be to choose the foundation that is a shade darker than your face color. This is a strategy of applying the makeup which will help you get your cheek bone appear sharper. Also your chin bone can look narrow through this process. If you don’t have a foundation that is darker than your skin tone, go for the bronzer or a darker eye shadow.

Blending brush

Blending brush

You should also remember that choice of a blending brush is an important consideration as without it your face would look optimally imbalanced. With the help of a blending brush you can blend your foundation properly so that you can ideally get a natural look of your face. You can either use a brush or fingers in order to complete the blending task.

Application step

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First of all you need to apply the light foundation in the centre of your forehead, in the bridge of your nose as well as Cupid’s bow. Also apply it over the apples of your cheek.

Now the dark foundation must be applied right below your hair line over your forehead. Also apply it over the down side of eyebrow that stretches along the nose line. This dark foundation should also be applied on the hollows of your cheeks.

Blending of the makeup is another important consideration as otherwise you won’t get a natural of your skin. You can use either a brush or your finger to complete this blending task. While blending, you have to make sure that the colors do not spread too much. You should blend the edges really well so that the makeup does not look un-natural.

Once the blending is done, you need to go ahead with the finishing touch. You can now use a highlighter to get an enhancement of the look. The highlighter must be applied over the place where you have applied the light foundation.

Next step will be to apply the blush. First of all apply the blush over your cheek. But do not leave after applying the blush. Even the blush needs to be blended really well so that the natural look is maintained.

The matt setting powder needs to be applied as it will provide a natural look over the cream base. You can also have a look at the smooth finish with this particular light coat matt setting powder.

If you are going for a night out, getting a shimmer will be an effective consideration. The shimmery face powder that is having a translucent finish will be an effective consideration. Also apply some portion I to your neck.

Once your facial makeup is done, the next step will be the eye and lip makeup consideration.

Highlighting contour for each face type 

Contouring for heart shape face

Contouring for heart shape face

If you have heart shape face, contouring or shadow must fall over the edges of the forehead, and even throughout the cheek bones. This will make your face look well balanced and attractive.

Contouring for pear shaped face

Contouring for pear shaped face

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If you have pear shaped face that means the cheek bones are wider and also the forehead. You must put the highlighter and contouring in such a way that the wider cheekbone is covered with a shadow of contouring. Along with it, also some portion of the forehead must be put on shadows.

Contouring for round shaped face 

Contouring for round shaped face

If you have round shape face means it appears like a ball. The curves in your face will be really less and can get paleness over your face if you don’t give proper effect of shadow and contour. Thus, while creating the effect of contour, you must cover your cheekbones with shadow and contouring.

Contouring for oblong faces

Contouring for oblong faces

Individuals having oblong face mean it is long in view with wider forehead and increased jaw line. Thus, the contouring must be done over the forehead, tip of the jaw and also the base of the cheeks. By doing this you can easily get a curvy and attractive look to your face with shadow and contouring effect.