When to plan second pregnancy

If you are planning for the second child and thinking whether it is the right time or not? There is no right time to have the second child or first child. All the things that matters is your family situation. Whenever you are planning for the second child or first so very first you must realize the pros and cons that will help you to take the decision of your pregnancy.

There are some situations that make sure that it is the right time for pregnancy.

First child analysis

You will have to go through the child analysis of your first child before planning for the second child as if your first child is in the mid of frustration, toddler, and tantrum then he/she would be unable to express his//her feelings to second child

Financial status

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Family finance is not just about the care of the child with basic requirements that cost you money. A new child can cost you in other aspects too. As your child grows up the expenditures also grows.

Care cost

Childcare can’t be considered cheap as if you are looking for private daycare who should look after your child then surely it will be expensive enough.

Health issue

Before planning for the second child a good health should be the first priority. Only a healthy mother produces a healthy child, if you had problems in your first pregnancy then you should make sure that your second pregnancy should be problem-free.

Mind make-up

Before having the second child you must ensure what your mind says. Think carefully what your heart is saying? Do the situations allow for the second child? Is this the right time to have another child? You should have a healthy discussion with your partner then you can consider the second child.