Faqs about weight loss

These days weight loss has become a top concern for the majority of people. Do you have questions like what can help you lose weight and what you should follow so you see results faster? This FAQ guide will help you answer most of the common questions regarding weight loss.

Which fats you should cut from your diet to lose weight?

You should cut saturated fats from your diet. Replace butter and processed food with polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats like olive oil, tofu, avocado, cold water fish and take nuts in small amounts.

Which is the best trick to lose weight faster?

The best trick to lose weight faster is to drink water before taking your meals. This fills you up and makes you eat less.

If I ate too much lunch, should I skip dinner?

You should not skip meals when you are looking forward to losing weight. You will tend to feel hungrier later and will end up eating junk. Missing the meal will also lower your energy levels which will lure you to skip your exercise or not exercise well.

Which carbs you should avoid to include in your diet, when you want to lose weight?

You should avoid carbs that you take from processed food. So say NO to processed food.

Can you lose weight by diet alone?

The healthy way to lose weight is by following a diet along with exercise. You need to take in less amount of energy than you spend. This helps to burn the muscle mass and cuts your fat.

Does exercise help to lose weight?

Yes it does if you combine it with a proper diet plan.

How soon can you see results from a weight loss plan?

If you think it works like magic and can show results overnight or in a week, you are wrong. You will have to be more patient. You will tend to lose just 1-3 pounds in a month. But the results will start to be seen in 3 – 4 weeks. Patience is a key here.

Can you have protein shakes for losing weight?

Yes, protein shakes are really good for losing weight as they make you feel full and cuts your hunger. It’s an excellent go-to snack so go for protein shakes.

Do men lose weight easier than women?

Yes, men lose weight faster and easier than women. This is mainly because of genes, hormones and men’s ability to resist temptation.

Does age play any role in losing weight?

Yes, age does play a good role in losing weight. It becomes difficult to lose weight with age. This is because the body’s metabolism slows down.

Why does it get harder to lose weight, each time you gain it back?

When you lose weight, you lose some muscles which slows down your metabolism. So when you regain weight, you tend to put more fat than muscle which reduces the amount of lean body mass which makes your metabolism slower than what you had before losing weight.