Farts? Tips to control farts

Farts are a common word used for the physical condition in an individual where excessive gas generation in the intestine is expelled through the anus.

This is due to some problem in the digestive system. The medical word related to this condition of the individual is known as Flatus or Flatulence. Intestinal gas can be composed of environmental air with swallow form.

It is not a very dangerous physical condition of any individual. Human being passed flatus through their rectum is a common fact. Amount and frequency of passing gas can vary from one individual to another.

But, it is very shameful at times when you are in a social gathering or within public meeting. If the bowel movement is not proper, this can easily give rise to Farts.

Farting is a natural phenomenon just like urination and stool. Only the form is different. This is a gaseous form of excretion that takes place among many individuals. Different types of farting can take place among human being.

One category is farting with foul smell. Another category includes farting with loud noise but have no smell at all. It is really a shameful phenomenon when you are among the mass and you start farting.

Some people gets its on a regular basis and treats it to be quite normal. But for another category of people, it is not very normal and brings out foul smell. Let us find some ways to control farts.

Reasons for farting

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  • You have consumed some food items which have a negative reaction to the intestinal bacteria. This creates a space for gas build up in your stomach.
  • If an individual cannot tolerate the lactose that produces fermentation in the gut
  • An individual having swallowed lots of gas in terms of chewing gum or aerated drinks can easily produce farts
  • If you have developed too much bacteria in the colon and have breakdown in food

How to control farts?

Avoiding sugar

Many people have the habit of consuming lots of sugar in the diet. This will be broken down by the bacteria and thus have the chance of releasing more gas.

You must cut down consumption of sugar in your diet if you really want to have a control of farts. You must try to avoid more sugar in tea, coffee and other drinks.


Starch consumption in diet can also break down to release the gas. But, not consuming starch at all can also be a problem to health. But, if you have gas problems, it is good to consume rice than any other food with starch.

Wheat also contains starch, but is really hard to the intestine. Thus, there is a chance of getting gas passed from the anus. Thus, you must consume rice more than wheat.

No chewing gum

It is quite common to view people consuming chewing gum. But, this can give rise to farts.  If you are consuming chewing gum on a regular basis and have a problem with Farts, it will be better to avoid chewing gum completely.


Today, smoking has become quite common not only to the gents, rather ladies also have developed the habit of smoking. If you are smoking, you are swallowing air from the atmosphere. It is good to give up smoking to get rid of the Fart issue.

Anti bloats

Natural remedies to treat stomach acidity

Sometimes, if your bowel movement is not appropriate, it can give rise to the formation of gas in your stomach. In order to release excess gas, body uses anus.

You can now use activated charcoal capsules for preventing the problem of bloating. If the food that you are consuming, gives rise to gas problem, you must go ahead with some anti bloating therapies with charcoal.

Reduction in starch intake

Sometimes, if your food contains too much of starch, this can easily create reason for fart. Rice is one of the most popular food items that include good amount of starch.

If you are farting too much, it is better to avoid having rice at all. Instead get the substitute of the same. It is better to go for complex carbohydrates. Also it is better to avoid noodles.

Consume herbal tea

You must have heard about the benefits of consuming herbal tea. But you might not know that this can also be helpful in reducing farting. There are varieties of herbal tea in the market. The favors include peppermint, chamomile, peach etc. You will get it right in the tea shop or departmental store.

Warm water with lime

One of the main reasons for farting is indigestion. You must go about with the remedy that will help get a control over your digestion process and bowel movement will be faster.

You must have a glass of warm water and add half the lemon in it. Mix it and drink it. This should be drunk before you take meal. This will smoothen your digestion process and help you get away from farting.

Water intake

It is always important for you to get proper water intake. Water will drive away all gases in your intestine and will keep you far away from the process of farting. Start drinking as much water as possible.