How to lose weight with fennel seeds

When you are trying to lose weight quickly, it is important that you know about the simple things that can help in making a difference. Fennel seeds are one of the common spices in every Indian kitchen that can boost the fat burning process in the body helping in losing weight quickly. Fennel seeds are tiny, but they have a list of nutrients that can actually matter for your body. Fennel seeds contain a range of minerals, like, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, along with vitamins like Vitamin A and C. In addition to that, the composition of these seeds boosts the natural metabolism of the body triggering weight loss. First let us check out how these seeds can actually help in weight loss,

Fennel seeds boost metabolism

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This is the first reason that makes these seeds ideal for a weight loss diet. The rate of metabolism of your body has a direct impact on the amount of storage in the body. High metabolism leads to more calorie burning and less storage, on the other hand, a low metabolism rate naturally leads to more storage of fat in the body. Fennel seeds can effectively boost the natural metabolism process of the body giving weight loss benefits.

Fennel seeds suppress appetite

It is very simple to understand that the less calorie you consume the less will be stored in your body. Hence when you are on a weight loss regimen, checking your calorie intake strictly is important. Fennel seeds are high in fibers and in addition to that they work as a natural appetite suppressant, thus helping in restricting your calorie intake and losing weight.

Fennel seeds can promote better sleep

Fennel seeds help in stimulating the pituitary gland for secreting more melatonin which is responsible for proper sleep. The effect of sound sleep in weight loss has been proven through studies and sleep also helps in relieving stress, which can lead to a better overall health promoting better digestion, absorption and metabolism in the body.

Fennel seeds help in reducing water retention

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More water retention in the body is often a cause of looking fatter than you actually are. Fennel seeds have a mild di-uretic property which makes it effective to remove the excess water from the body. Along with the water, it also helps in flushing out the toxins which can naturally give a slimming effect particularly to your stomach and waist region.

How to eat fennel seeds for weight loss

When you are looking for weight loss benefits from fennel seeds, it is best to consume fennel seed water in the morning and 30 minutes before the big meals. You can also chew the fennel seeds 20 minutes before having your meals to ensure that you are not very hungry during your meals and you can check the total calorie intake. Chewing a few fennel seeds after your meal can also help in the digestion process. It will help in curing problems like bloating, which can readily help in inch loss in your stomach and waist region.  However, keep in mind, that having more and more fennel seeds will not help you to lose weight more quickly. So, keep the amount of fennel seed water to be taken in a day to 1 liter and do not chew more than 1 spoon of fennel seeds in a day.

Apart from munching on dry fennel seeds before and after your meals, drinking the fennel seed water in the morning can also be highly helpful for losing weight. Here is how you can prepare the fennel seed water,

Method 1

To prepare fennel seed water take 1 liter of drinking water in room temperature and add 2 tablespoons of fennel seeds to this water. Cover the container with a lid and let the seeds soak overnight. In the morning you will see that the water has turned yellowish. Drink 1 glass of this water in the morning the first thing in empty stomach and you can drink the rest in small parts before your meals during the day. Do not discard the seeds from the water; chew them well while having the drink.

Method 2

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The other way of preparing fennel seed water that can be helpful in promoting weight loss benefits involves boiling the water. This method can be useful when you need to have the drink at the earliest.  Bring 1 liter of drinking water to boil in a pan and then add 2 tablespoons of fennel seeds to this boiling water. Extinguish the flame immediately after you have added the fennel seeds. Now cover the pan with a lid and let it stand until the container cools down. Once the temperature has come down sufficiently, the drink is ready for consumption.

Include fennel seeds in your dishes

Fennel seeds can be easily included in more or less all the Indian dishes you prepare. They can go well with sweet as well as salty items. You can include them in your breakfast cereals, in the vegetable curries as well as in the chutneys and enjoy the great flavor of these spices while getting the weight loss effects.

However, always keep in mind, while fennel seeds can help you boost the metabolism rate of your body and control your total calorie intake by suppressing your appetite, it cannot alone give you the best weight loss benefits. When you combine fennel seeds with a cautiously planned diet and a steady dose of regular exercise then only you can expect to get the best weight loss results of this spice.

So first take up a proper diet planand the perfect exercise regimen that suits your needs and then add fennel seeds to your diet to enjoy the best and quick weight loss effects.