Food to avoid at any cost

There are certain foods which are difficult to digest by the body. These foods include artificial sugars, food additives and some others which the body does not recognise as food but as some type of food products.  These foods are damaging and can cause inflammation and can harm the body organs on the long run. Such foods must be avoided at all costs.

Food to avoid

Sugar free products

Sugar free sweets are not healthy for the body as they contain added fats. Similarly artificial sweeteners are bad for the health of the body. They are definitely low in calories but studies show that artificial sweeteners encourage over eating. Again diet soda leads to weight gain instead of weight loss as normally believed.

Trail Mix

Fruit and nuts is surely the perfect diet snack option but there are some unhealthy oils and salt contents mixed in the production of trail mix.

Light Salad Dressings

Premade salad dressings contain less fat and more sugar.  Lack of fat prevents the body from absorbing the nutrients from the vegetables in the salad.

Flavoured Yogurt

Yogurt which is a healthy diet has hidden sugar. Flavoured yogurt must be avoided as it has added sugars

Baked Veggie Chips

Processed chips are loaded with salt and so must be avoided completely. Salt can be controlled in chips when they are baked at home.

Fast Food Smoothies

Smoothies which are premade with blended fruits are added with tons of sugar. It is advisable to switch to homemade fresh fruit smoothies instead.

Microwave Popcorn

These contain a large amount of oils, salt, and some chemicals which may harm the body.

Rice Cake

The rice cakes are high on the glycemic index which causes a rise in blood sugar and insulin.

Fast-Food Chicken Caesar Salad

These salads from Mcdonalds served with chicken burger is high in calories. The chicken in this salad is cooked after high sodium marination to keep the meat moist and give it a good flavour. It is better to substitute this salad with fresh garden salad.


It provides healthy vegetables like carrot and cabbage, but it contains high amount of calories and is full of fatty mayonnaise. Packed and processed Coleslaw contains high amount of saturated fat and is bad for the body.

Packaged Sandwiches

This product bought from grocery stores has a surprisingly large amount of calories.These sandwiches contain large amounts of fat and saturated fat, because they are stuffed with mayonnaise or cheese. The great substitute to these sandwiches are sandwich made at home with wholemeal bread, healthy salad vegetables, small amount of margarine, and a light dressing.

Tomato sauce for pasta or chilli

Purchased from the stores are often packed with refined sugars,which promote weight gain and increase the risk of developing diabetes. It is advisable to follow a simple recipe and make the tomato sauce for pastas and pizzas at home.

Soy sauce

This is an ingredient that is essentially used in making Chinese dishes and in making some stir fry dishes. It is low in calories and is and is a rich source of vitamins, but it contains high amount of sodium which is likely to lead to water retention in the body when added to dishes. It is also important to know that excess consumption of sodium can lead to high blood pressure or hypertension. This can further damage the cardiovascular system and lead to the risk of developing serious problems like heart strokes and attacks.

Gluten Grains

The gluten in the grains causes a disease called celiac disease which affects the immune system. The gluten proteins in the digestive tract are attacked by it. It damages the lining of the intestines and causes severe pain and bloating of the abdomen.  In rare cases this can lead to small tears in the lining of the intestines which can severe problems. The major source of gluten in the diet comes from whole wheat

Baked Veggie Chip

It contains a high level of fat and sodium.  There are some veg. chips made from carrot, tomatoes, carrots, corns, peas and peppers which contain less fat and are rich in proteins. They have less sodium as well.

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt is a great source of calcium but is creamy and ultra-thick. It is high in calories and so must be avoided. A better option would be to take yogurt made from fat free milk as it provides all the nutrients like calcium, proteins and contains less calories and no fat.