Amazing health and beauty benefits of Geranium

Geranium, a special herb which is also known as Pelargonium Odoratissimum is having many essential properties. It is highly used in the aromatherapy and every part of the plant is considered useful and beneficial.

The major output derived from the Geranium plant is that its essential oil, oil is extracted from the stem, leaves and from flowers even. Except the root of the Geranium plant every part is useful and is presenting many medicinal, hair and skin care benefits.

Herbs are constantly doing wonder to our health and beauty benefits. Geranium is also one of the wonderful varieties of herb that helps in providing your skin exclusive glow. Also it has the quality to fight with variety of diseases.

Natural oil is extracted from this herb which helps in getting you an exclusive aromatherapy. As per the history, this oil was used by the Egyptian to provide beautiful skin tone.

These days the oil secretion is maximum over our skin layer. In order to combat this issue people are going through the proper use of this herb. The oil form of this herb is beneficial to remove acne and pimples.

Geranium health and beauty benefits

Prevents infections

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Geranium oil is fully stuffed with anti-bacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties, hence it controls the negative action of bacteria and fungus on the wounds which can generate infections.

Boosts immunity

One must have the strong defensive cells to protect the internal body from toxic challenges, to help stay strong geranium helps you with its antimicrobial features.


geranium herb also have diuretic properties by which it eases the secretion of urine from the urinary bladder and protects the body from many materials like acid, bile, sodium and so on that are known to attack.

This process indirectly serves benefits to gastrointestinal system and cardiovascular system. Increase in the urine is directly proportional to the no storage of gases in the intestine. By lowering the content of sodium one can stay safe from the serious problem high blood pressure.

Treats skin problems

Oil offers many skin benefits as it is a cicatrisant. It helps cure the skin problems like acne, fungal infections, dermatitis, rashes, eczema and so on. The regular application of geranium oil on the affected skin areas fades the marks and gradually dilutes the skin to normal texture.


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People believe using geranium essential oil as a skin tonic which helps to nourish the skin cells and to flaunt it youthful and glowing.

Radiant looking skin

One of the amazing working action of geranium essential oil is that cleanses the skin in a natural way. Take a dash of geranium essential oil and apply it on your skin directly or blend with bathing water and soak your body for few minutes to help achieve the radiant skin texture.

Camouflage and prevents aging factors

Geranium oil with its astringent properties induces the muscle contractions. Due to the rate of increase in the contraction and boost up of muscles skin gets tightened and there will be no growth of aging factors; skin sagging, fine lines and wrinkles.

Treats many women problems

Geranium coordinates closely with the troubles faced by women starting from the premenstrual pains to postmenopausal syndrome. It is highly recommended for women to cure many of the problems.

Gives relief

One of the finest ways to get relaxation is through germanium oil. It has antidepressant properties and helps you to relieve tension, stress and anxiety.

Healthy hair

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One stop solution for both the types of dry and oily hair is geranium essential oil. It regulates oil on the scalp by balancing the production of sebum from the sebaceous glands. So that what all results is silky and smooth hair.

Hormone balancing

This provides a perfect balance of your body hormone with its extraordinary oil benefit. Due to hormonal unbalance people can come across variety of skin complications.

The pimples and dark spot can be one of the results associated with hormonal issues. If you can apply the oil from Geranium extract, it will remove such skin complications.

Dental issues remedy

We are constantly in- taking variety of fast food that includes bacteria. This can give rise to many dental problems and cavities. Now, getting the dental issue sort out is really important. Sometimes you don’t get time to brush your teeth twice in a day.

All you have to do here is using the Geranium herb. You can make a pulp of it with little more water. You can also boil the Geranium herb and wash your mouth with that water. It will be really effective.

Improves blood circulation

Getting perfect running blood circulation is important for us to stay healthy and sound. If you don’t have good blood flow over your body or any parts of your body, this can give rise to variety of issues. You can get pain over your joints, muscles, forehead etc. If you have proper blood circulation, getting fit and healthy body will be quite easy. This is the time for you to use the Geranium oil to massage your entire body. This will keep your skin nourished and improve blood circulation.