How dates are good for health and beauty

Dates are known for not only being delicious to eat but also for their health and beauty benefits. These “drupe” fruits are packed with a number of nutrients starting from protein, fiber to vitamins and minerals. Including adequate amount of dates in your daily diet can give a number of health as well as beauty benefits. Take a quick look at the next section to know the health and beauty benefits of this amazing fruit.

Health benefits of dates

Fight fatigue with dates

Health benefits of dates

Feeling tired in between your busy work schedule? Munch on a few dates and you are sure to get the energy boost to get going for the day. Dates contain high amount of natural sugars, like fructose, glucose and sucrose which makes it a very healthy and energetic snack. The sugars in dates are present in simple forms and hence are quickly absorbed into the body, providing quick energy boost.

Dates for a healthier cardiovascular system

In our current busy lifestyle and unregulated eating habits, heart health is becoming an increasing concern for everybody. Dates help in lowering the LDL cholesterol level in blood which can be very helpful to control high blood pressure and to ensure a better cardiac health. Dates are also rich in sodium and potassium, which can ensure better working of the heart muscles while reducing the risk of stroke.

The anti-cancer properties of dates

Dates contain antioxidant flavonoids like zea-xanthin, Beta carotene and lutein which are known for their ability to harness the effect of the free-radicals in the body and can be effective in offering protection against different types of cancer.

Dates can cure anemia

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If you are suffering from iron deficiency, opting for the supplements is surely the most common thing to do; but if you are interested to cure your anemia without supplements that always come with some or other side effects, dates can be your best mate. Dates are high in iron content and can cure anemia effectively.

Dates for a healthy nervous system

Dates are a good source of natural sodium and potassium to the body. These two minerals play a vital role in maintaining the overall health of the nervous system. Including dates in sufficient amount in your daily diet can actually ensure better health of the nervous system as well as slower nervous degeneration. People suffering from conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s or with a history of the same can actually attain great benefits from dates.

Get stronger bones with dates

Dates are very good for the heath of your bones. They are rich in calcium, manganese, selenium, copper and magnesium, all of which are vital for better bone health. Eating dates regularly can be very effective to ensure stronger bones and to fight conditions like Osteoporosis.

Get relief from constipation with dates

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Dates are very good for a better digestive health; being high in fiber they work as a mild laxative and also aids in the total digestion process. If you have been suffering from constipation, munching on dates regularly can be a good idea to get rid of this annoying problem of everyday.

Dates for weight management

Dates being high in protein, fiber, sugars as well as vitamins and minerals can be very effective for weight management. The high protein content of this fruit can ensure better fat metabolism while the high amount of natural sugars present in dates can be very effective for healthy weight gain. If you work out daily, dates can be your best after-the-workout food.

Dates for better vision

Dates are also known for their vitamin A content. Vitamin A works as an active anti-oxidant in the body and it can be very helpful to provide better vision.

Dates for treating hangover

Dates are believed to be effective in treating hangovers. The protein, sugars and anti-oxidants present in this fruit can actually work miraculously to cure the next morning hangovers that might be stopping you from getting back to work. However, for treating hangovers, munching on overnight soaked dates is suggested.

Beauty benefits of dates

Enjoy anti-aging effects with dates

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Aging is certainly one of the most serious beauty concerns of all and in this hectic life routine, age seems to make its effect felt even at a younger age. Dates are high in anti-oxidants including vitamin A that fights the free-radicals and can be very helpful to give naturally healthy, glowing skin. Dates are also a rich source of Vitamin C that helps in improving skin elasticity.

Fight acne with dates

Dates are rich in B vitamins which are known for their ability to cure different types of skin problems including acne. Dates also have anti-inflammatory properties that can be good for any kind of skin infections.  It can also heal the damaged skin.

Dates prevent hair loss

Being rich in B vitamins and iron dates are excellent in maintaining proper scalp and hair health.  If you are suffering from hair loss due to any kind of vitamin or mineral deficiency in the body, which is most common, dates can actually prevent the hair loss and boost new hair growth.

Dates for stronger hairs

Dates provide all the nutrients that are essential for healthy and stronger hairs. Consuming dates regularly can be helpful to fight hair problems like split ends and brittle hairs. So, if you are going through bad hair days, including sufficient quantity of dates in your daily diet can actually help.