Happy Life Living – Tips for happy living life

In this planet where there are billions of diverse human beings, there is one common factor that runs in every human mind; each of us wants to be happy in one way or the other. It is an elusive goal that we pursue from our childhood to the end of our days never giving up the chase. As the definition of happiness vary for each of us, so does our ways of finding it. But hardly a few of us can find permanent happiness in our lives. For most, it is fleeting experiences and our mind fluctuates from various states of happiness to unhappiness.

This is the age where scientific and technological developments have given the human race great levels of material and physical comforts like never before; even then the state of the human mind in this planet is mostly unhappy because of various factors. Unfulfilled needs and desires, mental stress, negative emotions, physical ailments and so many other causes lead to human suffering and pain. So being happy in todays’ world is not at all an easy task.

There are various ways and paths which provide guidance for human beings to feel happy and content within oneself. But some fundamental facts can be outlined, which if understood and followed, can make one feel happy and joyful naturally

Life is an endless flow

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Time never stops and it drags us along with it. Our past and our future, everything converges to the present moment. So lamenting about past pains and failures and being fearful about the future, both this mental states make us lose the present moment in which we exist.These constant wanderings between the past and future makes one too restless to settle and relax in the present. Making the best use of our energies to enjoy the present moment without any burden from the past and fear of the future is essential to walk the path towards happiness.

The Human mind

It is our mind which determines whether an experience is pleasant or unpleasant for us. If one harbors negative emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy etc. in the mind, it will have an adverse effect on every aspect of life. Even our physical bodies are affected by our mental states and depending on whether the content of our mind is joyful or painful, the body reacts accordingly. Nowadays, a lot of stress is being given on psychosomatic treatment of various illnesses. In many cases a long term mental agony can give rise to a major disease on the physical front. So the content of our minds determines our lives to a large extent. To be happy, it is essential that we remove all junk and garbage from our mental structure.

Smile Please

There is no question about the uncertainties of life. We can lose all we have or gain more than we have lost in a moment’s notice. Instead of taking this loss and gain too seriously, smile at the uniqueness of your life and put your best foot forward firmly but light heartedly. Share a few light moments with your dear ones, crack a few jokes at the so called seriousness of life and you will not only feel bright yourself but will also lighten up those around you.

Listen to your Heart

That old desire you always had in your heart which got suppressed as other needs of life took precedence, do not let it go. Hold on to it and find time to indulge in it.In the mad rush behind money, power and success the small elements that make life more interesting and joyous often get suppressed. To feel happy, just get out of your cocoon and do the things that you have always wanted to do. Whether it is travelling or a sport or any other interest, it is never too late to try out something new in life.

You are what you are

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Each human being is special in his or her own way. Each one of us is unique and there is hardly any common scale to measure all human beings in terms of talent and ability. So comparing our successes and failures with another is simply wastage of time. The secret of being happy is not by comparing and developing a superior or inferior mental complex. Each one of us has immense potential in our own self and it is on us to choose that path to walk which can make us feel more joyful and content.

This is no race

If you think, you will realize that happiness is not a goal that you can rush towards. It is always within you whether you are aware of it or not. It is up to the individual to use the moment and act accordingly to give an outer manifestation to that inner happiness, so that it prevails in the conscious mind. Everlasting happiness cannot be bought or gained but has to be realized by a calm and joyous mind. The key to your happiness is always in your pocket but you have to find it through the right ways.