How to use coconut oil for beauty and health care

Health benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil is a natural ingredient which helps in making your skin glow both internally and externally. It is basically used as hair oil by many people around the world. In some parts of the nation, this oil is also used as edible variety. Coconut oil is used by many people to massage the skin and body which helps in mending the dry skin.  Even if you have irritation over your skin layer, this can help in making your skin tone smooth. This is such oil that helps making your healthy and keep you look beautiful.

Prevent rough hair

To repair the damaged and rough hair ends apply the coconut oil regularly.


How to use coconut oil for dark circles

Coconut oil controls blood sugar levels and improves the insulin secretion. It promotes the utilization of blood glucose by which it prevents and treats the diabetes problem.


It helps decrease the risk of kidney and gall bladder diseases. Kidney stones will also be dissolved with the help of coconut oil.

Tooth care

Coconut oil provides calcium to the body and promotes strength to the teeth and blocks the tooth decay.

Stress relief

Applying coconut oil to the scalp will enhances the relief and reduces the stress. It will minimizes the mental fatigue too.


Coconut oil is also proved to be useful in treating pancreatitis.

Benefit of oil pulling

Benefits of coconut oil

Oil pulling is another effective remedy for any type of oral health issues. This will help reducing the plaque buildup in the mouth. If you can carry on with oil pulling on a regular basis, visiting a dentist will not be needed. This is the technique where mouth is rinsed with coconut oil.

Removal of ear infection

If you have a problem with ear infection, coconut oil will be an effective remedy. Place few drops of coconut oil inside the ear canal and wait for some time. If you had some irritants inside your ear this will be effectively removed. Since, this has both anti microbial and anti viral properties, this will work well to treat any such infections.

Treatment of head lice

If you have lice over your head, this will easily harm your scalp skin. Instead of using any other medicine to kill them, you can apply some coconut oil over your hair and try on massaging in an effective way. You can make a solution of coconut oil with powdered naphthalene and get a resolution of lice breeding over your hair. Since this is quite common among kids going to school, you can apply this over their hair and carry on with oil massage.

Beauty benefits of coconut oil


Benefits of coconut oil for hair care

With the help of coconut oil and sugar prepare a scrub that will make the skin clear and whiteheads free. Add half of coconut oil to half cup of sugar and blend them, you can also add the essentials oil and fragrances to it.

Winter care

Coconut oil is the best remedy for the winter skin care, after coming out from the shower apply the oil to prevent itches and red scars.

Silky legs

After waxing or shaving the legs, skin might be embedded with rashes. To get rid off the problem apply coconut oil to the affected area.

Tooth paste

Mix baking soda and coconut oil to prepare homemade tooth paste.
It is easy and reduces the fatigue in the mouth.

Scalp care

To benefit the dry and dandruff affected scalp use coconut oil and lemon. Mix them up and steep it, apply to the scalp and rinse off after an hour. A regular practice will betters the scalp.

Protection from sun

Beauty tips for glowing skin

We generally tend to apply a sunscreen lotion just before going out. It helps our skin to maintain in a proper way.  You won’t get sunburn if you apply coconut oil on your skin and go out in sun.  As a matter of fact, coconut oil contains SPF 4 that has been used by grandparents to get protection from sunlight. Your skin will never get tanned after using it.

Skin moisturizing

Whether it is winter or summer, moisturizing of skin is an important fact. Instead of using the cosmetic moisturizer, it is important to go for a natural remedy.  The coconut oil works really well in making your skin moisturized throughout.  Since this contains fatty acids, skin moisture is effectively locked inside.

Effective minerals and vitamin supply

The coconut oil has loads of moisture and vitamins which help your skin get nourished. High amount of natural vitamins will never harm four skins. You skin will look really glowing for a longer period of time. Once the oil gets absorbed inside your skin, it will effectively get all vitamins and minerals.