Top health benefits of drinking beer

Drinking excess amounts of beer has been linked with many health problems. It includes liver and heart related issues.  In some cases it is also related to some types of cancer as well. But consuming the moderate quantity of beer will give you many health benefits. As beer is prepared with water, barley and yeast, it contains many trace minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for our body.

Health benefits of drinking beer

Prevents the risk of heart disease

Benefits of drinking beer

According to some studies, beer helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases nearly 20 to 40 percent. Few researchers also found that the moderate consumption of beer reduces the cardiovascular risk.

Consumption of small amounts of beer in a regular basis will decrease the LDL or bad cholesterol in the body on the other side it increases the good cholesterol by the soluble fiber content in the beer.

Controls prostate cancer

Beer consists of antioxidant named Mentholatum, which has the properties of preventing cancer. It is known to reduce the prostate cancer in men by stopping a chemical reaction that is responsible for the problem. It also aids in minimizing the chances of breast cancer in women. So, try to consume the moderate amounts of beer in order to reduce the risk of cancers.

Reduces kidney stones

According to a study conducted in the Finland, the daily consumption of beer in fair amounts has reduced the development of the kidney stones by nearly 40 percent. As the beer is made up of 93 percent of water, it helps to flush out the toxins from the system by which the kidneys will work properly. The diuretic acid present in the beer controls the body to stay away from dehydrated, which is a major reason for kidney stones.

Improves brain health

Drinking beer is good for your brain

Researchers at a medical center found that beer reduces the memory problems by 23 percent that occur as we age. The moderate consumption will decreases the chance of Alzheimer’s and dementia because beer helps to work against the growth of new brain cells. In addition to the mentioned, beer is also known to improve the attention of brain, by which the concentration and memory power will also increases.

Prevents the strokes

As per a study conducted by the American Stroke Association, people who consumed the moderate amounts of beer developed 50 percent less strokes than the people who didn’t consumed.  Another study also showed the less formation of blood clots, which is the reason for blocking the flow of the blood in the heart, neck and brain. These blood clots may generate ischemic stroke, which occurs when an artery to the brain got blocked. But the consumption of beer will make the arteries flexible which subsequently helps in the normal flow of blood.

Helps to make the bones stronger

The amount of silicon present in the beer has been linked with the strength of the bones. Silicon increases the bone strength as well the bone mineral density. According to a study, people who used to daily drink beer in moderate amounts have developed high bone density. On the other side, the heavy intake of beer will weakens the bones and improves the risk of bone fractures.

Helps in digestion

Today whenever you speak about people about their, they will mention indigestion problem. Due to adulteration and the pollution in the environment we hardly get a scope of proper digestion mechanism. But, beer can help you out in it. But you need to consume dark beer for digestion as this has soluble fiber. This will also help aiding in freeing you from gas and constipation.

Reducing stress

Beauty benefits of beer for skin & hair

There are different reasons for beer consumption. Since this is also one of the alcoholic beverages, people usually have it to combat stress. These days all of us are too much stressed out at our work place or home. Even there are people to work; the task burden remains the same. The pressure of target is making people stay in stress too much. But having beer will easily help keeping you away from stress.

Good for skin

Women are too much cautious about their skin these days. The beauty industry has evolved with new funds. Yes, people are no more using the ready made cosmetics in the market. Rather, they make the beauty products with home ingredients available. This will keep them away from chemicals. Beer is one among such wonderful ingredient that helps in giving you beautiful skin. Yes, it is proved that applying beer with cotton over your skin will bring out glow on your face.

Good for hair

You must have heard about the beer shampoo in the market. Yes, that shampoo constitutes the beer. But, it will be more effective if you can wash your hair with simple beer available in the market. The texture of your hair will be improved. People complain about rough and fizzy hair. Now you can make it soft and manageable with beer. You have to apply shampoo to your hair at first. Once it is done, wash your hair with beer.

Good sleep

Due to stress and tension, people hardly get a good sleep at night. But this sleep will be really important to bring back health to every individual. Some people have sleeping pills at night to get a sleep. But, this too has the side effects. Now you have a good option to get good sleep at night. Yes, beer is one of the wonderful food ingredient or beverage that will bring good sleep to you at night.

Long life

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You will be surprised to learn that having beer will be good for life. Yes, you are going to live for long with beer consumption. This fact has been discovered by Virginia Tech researchers. They found out that consuming moderate beer can increase the life line of a human being by 19%.

Prevents type 2 diabetes

Most of the people are suffering from type 2 diabetes at every age. Even if you had vaccination during your childhood, this disease won’t spare you. But, the researchers have found out that, best way of preventing the diabetes with type 2 variation will be through consumption of beer. But don’t drink it in excess, drink in moderate quantity.