Is beer good for your brain?

This particular week has published five medical studies with a round up which will be likely to provide a new insight with regard to your health.  Since the correlation is not related to causation there is no clue to learn that one is likely to cause the other.

Beer is taken as one of the beverage items that are consumed in bars. But, this particular beverage is also consumed or used for other benefits. Beer is good for skin and hair as well. Also there is variety of health benefits in consuming beer. Since this beverage has good amount of silicon, getting healthy bones with it will be quite easy. Beer makes your hair soft and healthy. You must have seen beer shampoos in most of the cosmetics stores. Elderly men and women have a serious problem of high blood pressure level. But, you will be spell bound to realize that beer can help you gain control over the blood sugar level. Let us find out whether beer is good for brain.

Is beer good for brain?

Top health benefits of drinking beer

Getting beers in social gatherings and fraternity party will be quite common. You may also say no to the option. But, studies said that the element present in beer is good for health. Scientists have also discovered an element named xanthohumol which is one of the particular variations of falvonoid present in beer. This was applied on young mice which and found to have increase in cognitive abilities.  This was seen to increase the hypothesis in the study that is associated with behavioral brain research in this particular week.

The researchers provided the dose to the mice which are quite high with regards to its action. Usually, if an individual consumes around 2000 liters of beers in a day, it will be equal to the dosage of beer that has been given to the mice during the experiment.

Very close study has been conducted with regards to the use of flavonoid. According to the researchers, the flavonoid found in dark chocolate, red wine as well as blueberries is present in wine. This particular flavonoid is really wonderful in developing memories of individual.

E-Cigarettes may not be solved

Smoking has been a symbol for injury to people for a long time. Many people are switching on to the consumption of E-cigarettes in place of normal cigarettes that brings out smokes. There is a conception among people that, E-cigarettes would slowly wash away the habit of smoking among individuals. Though this electronic cigarettes contain nicotine there is no cancer causing additives present in it which is quite harmful.

Benefits of beer for skin & hair care

The previous studies also showed that the utility of E – Cigarettes are much more effective as compared to other mechanisms such as gums and patches in the process of quitting the cigarette smoking. According to the study lay down by various cigarette smokers resistance of smoking was made for 44.4% who could resist the temptation smoking for the period of seven days. But, the E-cigarette users have a percentage of only 43.1%. The study was also conducted among 1074 cancer patients having suffering from cancer. The study had declared that the users of E- cigarettes were much more inclined towards nicotine as compared to the general smokers. Even the same experiment was carried on general public and same result was found out.

Dry and roasted peanuts have made peanut allergy worse

Scientists wished to find out the main reason behind allergy taking place due to consumption of peanuts.  Experiment was conducted in mice which showed that as compared to raw peanut, dry and roasted peanuts have stronger allergy reaction.

It was found that, a chemical change takes place in dry as well as roasted peanuts. Immune system will be in such a position which will be quite likely to get allergic. In Asian countries, peanuts are served in a raw form or that of boiled.

More alcohol with exercise

Since people are taking more weights than usual while they exercise, there is a tendency for them to consume more cocktail. According to one of the research, people have a tendency of consuming more on Thursdays and Sundays. Thus, on those days, their consumption of alcohol is quite high.

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Participants of 150 people within the age limit of 18 to 89 years have been taken to record the fitness activities. Also their alcohol consumption was recorded with the help of their smart phones.

The scientist also wished to know and find out the link between drinking and exercise. They have recorded the result and have focused on drinking in weekend.

Avoiding heart attacks in men

According to a new study, five behaviors are ideal to lower the risk of heart attack. You should exercise regularly, drink moderately, consume a better diet and avoid alcohol as well as cigarettes to avoid heart attack. Among 20,000  men within the age range of 45 to 79 years only 1% of men have been following the healthy habit so far.

Is beer good to improve brain power?

Studies have been conducted by the researchers in various fields. Even for brain research the facts are rendered. Most of the researchers say that drinking mugs of beer can remove the risk of Alzheimer’s. Also it helps in getting a control over the other diseases related to the brain health. There was study conduction where 10,000 women participated. One group was asked to have a mug of beer everyday whereas other group did not drink at all. Finally, it was proved that women with beer intake started remembering things faster than the ones who did not have beer at all.

Beer for cognitive function

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A study has been conducted and is also been published in the behavioral brain journal. According to the publication, beer is such a beverage that includes an ingredient which helps in giving a boost in cognitive function. The experiment was conducted by taking mice as a sample. The mice was given the high dose of beer and watched for some time. The researchers said that those mice became smarter. This is however known as xanthohumol. The experiment on mice is successful with the boost in cognitive health of human being. But, remember not to drink too much of beer as this can lead to side effects. But, adequate amount of beer will always help you improve your cognitive function.