Benefits of consuming alcohol in limits

There is no doubt and nothing unknown about the damages of alcohol. It is one of the deadliest consumption which leads to lung problems. Apart from that, it also damages your memory and makes you social unacceptable and bothersome. The list of disadvantages doesn’t seem to end, and we also tend to indulge into continuing its consumption.

Well, we know that due to comfortable or social circumstances, we are often led to a situation where we get into drinking. Sometimes we do it because we want to do it, and sometimes we are compelled due to the environment we are into. In this article, we list down the examples and benefits of having lesser alcohol.
Everything in life should be done in a definitive proportion and we shouldn’t go overboard. This is the best way we can balance out the need and greed of our life, and live in a proper balance. Let us go through some of the Benefits of consuming alcohol in limits, so that we know that on one hand we don’t have to let go of it and on the other hand we shouldn’t go overboard either.

You know your limits

Best tips to stop drinking alcohol

Start off with the process of reducing the consumption of alcohol, and do with a petition that you will make some necessary changes to keep your away from the drinks. For example, replace office water cooler with a brand new beer keg, and consume it in small amount. Having one glass of beer a day for women and two glasses for men, doesn’t do any harm. It is also known to reduce stress and make you feel lighter. This is also healthy for the heart, while over drinking does the opposite!

Aids heart

People who are good shape can moderately drink. It lets you have 25-40% less chances to have a heart attack or stroke. This might also prevent hardening of arteries. Small amounts of drink can hike your HDL or good cholesterol levels. On the other hand, heavy drinking can increase heart diseases, so it is all about keeping and being in balance.

Keeps you active

People who drink moderately are likely to stay more active than the ones who don’t drink at all. It gives an instant energy, which keeping you ticking if you have work to do. On the other hand, if you regularly exercise, it brings you into drinking a little every now-and-then. It is something that leaves the scientists slightly confused, as they don’t know what this come from!

Prevents stone build up in kidneys

Best easy ways to stop alcohol

Moderate drinkers have lesser chances to have kidney stones. If you have beer, you have 41% less chances, while 33% for wine drinkers. Alcohol is slightly compared to coffee and tea, due to the caffeine content, even if the side effects are different. This makes you have an urge to pee and over drinking gets you drowsy, while the others don’t. But on the other hand, alcohol clears out tiny crystals that which lets our kidneys free! However, drinking too much can get your dehydrated and increase the stoning problem than reducing it.

Makes you social

When you drink you get to socialize with people. When you attend a party or an event, there is alcoholic consumption. It makes you socialize a little better and you get to fit in! Apart from formal gathering, alcohol is also known to help you bond better with friends. You like to talk more, know more and share more smiles.

Boost sex life

Intimacy reduces stress, and a couple of drinks usually enhance your sex life! You get along and you are way happier than when you don’t drink. Studies have taken place to prove that women who have a couple of glasses of red wine everyday has more of an urge towards sexual intimacy and can also be well satisfied, than women who don’t drink. Men are known to have a rise in testosterone levels that make both of them friskier. However, drinking too much might lead to reduction is sexual desirability.

Improves brain functioning

How to make someone stop drinking alcohol

Having a couple of drinks a week can keep you away from Alzheimer’s disease. There is a MIND diet which you can follow, and you will soon know that it had been made to lower brain risks. The diet includes wine as one of the more brainy liquids to consume. It is known to reduce risk of stroke and heartaches – both of these are known to improve effects from Alzheimer’s disease.

Balance blood sugar level

When you have your happy-hour cocktail or wine along with dinner, you are less prone to have 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is also the more common one compared to the other form. Again, scientists are left puzzled on how this actually works out, but someway a couple of drinks helps body deal with risen blood sugar levels, healthily.