Tips to lighten dark lips due to smoking

Smoking not only causes cancer, but this habit also makes the lips dark. Whether you are a man or women with a regular habit of smoking, should suffer from this problem now and then.

Maybe it was a time when your lips were pink and naturally beautiful, but now your smoking habit has made them dark and ugly. This can never happen all of a sudden, rather darken lips is the result of years of prolonging smoking.

Now, if you are actually worried and want some viable and quick remedies to lighten up your dark lips, we have some solutions for you.

Another thing to remember considering this case, men’s issues of dark lips are treated somehow differently from that of women.

But more or less, the natural processes are same. Now when it comes to using the products or opting for treatments, it is totally processed via dermatologists’ recommendations.

There are both natural remedies and skin treatments possible to reduce the darkness of your lips. We are sharing both in such a way so that you can be helped with the solutions per your conveniences.

No smoking

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It is no less than a thunder striking on a smoker’s head but it is the fact that you have to reduce smoking if you want to get rid of your ugly dark lips.

The nicotine present in the tobacco is responsible for darkening your lips.

Regular/chain smoking is also responsible for the premature wrinkles caused in the upper lips. It is the greatest challenge for a regular smoker to quit smoking once.

But take your time in quitting it. Let’s try it by reducing the number of your daily dose of cigarettes.

Reduce coffee or tea

Reduce the daily intake of coffee and tea. For example, if you have a habit of taking five to six cups in a day, reduce it to two to three cup daily.

At the same time, opt for herbal tea which is good for your overall health and ensures to keep consumers away from the bad effects of caffeine.

Stay protected from the sun

If you are already suffering from dark lip problem caused from smoking, don’t let the sun take an extra toll to that. Use lip balms with sunscreen extracts or wear a hat when you are in the sun. The harsh UV rays also darkened the skin and so as the lips.

Apply a mix of glycerin, lime juice, and honey

Homemade lip scrubs

While you are off for sleep and about to retire for the bed, use the mix by making it with lime juice, honey, and glycerin and apply it on your lips.

Wash it off with water in the morning. Sometimes you can add rose petals with glycerin and apply it instead of honey or lime juice. Rose petals are excellent in removing the tint caused from the caffeine or nicotine.

Almond oil and coconut oil treatment

Coconut oil, as many of us, know how useful for skin. You can use massage coconut oil or almond oil daily before retiring for the bed.

These oils will not only reduce the black spot formed in the skin but will also moisturize the lip skin and help in retaining back the previous pink effects.


Papaya is a one-stop natural ingredient in reducing the skin darkness. Apart from applying the face pack by papaya, make a ripe papaya paste with one or two scoops and add a few drops of coconut oil in it and use the pack onto your lips.

Do it on a regular basis to enjoy the best effects of lip skin lightening.

Ice cube massage for men

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Ice is excellent for exfoliating the dead and dry skin. Men are often asked for this treatment to remove the dark layer formed on their lip skin.

Castor oil for men

Whether you are a light or heavy smoker, massaging castor oil on your lips regularly can help in lightening the skin color. This is 100% natural and effective to eradicate the dark lip problem.

Apart from all these natural solutions, you can also try products that are available in markets for lip lightening. If things go worst, then you can consider exfoliation treatments by specialized dermatologists.