How to get rid of dark spots caused by acne & pimples

Acnes are common skin condition which is likely to appear on people who have oily skin. There are numerous ways to cure acne and most of them burst and soothe down on their own. What doesn’t get rid of, that soon, are the marks that they leave behind. In this article, we will go through some remedies to cure dark spots which are caused by acnes. With the help of bleaching ingredients, which you can easily extract from your kitchen, you can heal your acne marks slowly and permanently.

Preventing acne spots

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The most important aspect is to prevent instead of having it cured. There are numerous remedies, but the first action to be to avoid its presence at all. It is not always necessary that you’d have scars if you have pimples. The initial way of keeping your acnes away from spots is to stop touching them. Don’t have your hands on the acnes or don’t try to prick them. Leave them alone or treat it as they can be treated. If the pimples are slowly coming off, try to remove them gently and don’t be hard on them.

Acnes result in inflammation and they lose out of collagen. The protein fiber of collagen provides elasticity to the skin, so pricking the acnes lead to further inflaming. The bacteria and pus goes deep down and result in loss of collagen and that is when you start having deeper scars on face.

When you have acnes, one more thing that has to be kept in mind is that you need the least possible sun exposure. When you expose acnes under the sun the process slows down and scars tend to get darker. It is important to make sure that you apply tolerable sunscreen so that your skin is guarded. You can have your face covered or carry an umbrella, so do whatever you can to keep your facial skin protected.

Remedies to remove dark spots caused by acne & pimples

Natural scrubs to remove dark spots

If you already have the spots it is time to look into the most preferable remedy. These will heal you and for further prevention, make sure you don’t let them occur with the steps mentioned above.

Lemon extract

Lemon works like natural bleach since it contains vitamin C. Using lemon extract on your skin will reduce acnes and scars, and you skin starts looking lighter gradually. Lemon also has acidic properties which reduces pimples and makes the skin look lighter. Take 1 fresh lemon and then squeeze to extract the juice. Apply the extract on your scar and using a clean cotton ball. Let the extract soak in for 10 minutes after which you can wash it off. Follow this for 3 weeks and see the scars reduce considerably. You could also add a wee bit of honey to add moisture and smoothness. For sensitive skin, we recommend the blend of lemon with rose water.

Aloe vera

The unique herb of aloe vera soothes skin and regenerates damaged tissues. Try to obtain fresh aloe vera and have it applied instantly after extraction. Peel the green portion to obtain the gel and apply it on your face. Let it stay for 30 minutes and then wash off. Repeat twice daily and watch your scars disappear in no time!

Olive oil

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The benefits of olive oil are not unknown. It is one of the most skin friendly oils with the goodness of vitamin A, B1, B2, C, D and E. It includes a good amount of iron and antioxidants, and the inflammatory properties reduce marks from acnes. Take little amount of olive oil and have your face massaged. When you purchase the product, make sure it is for skin and not for cooking. While massaging stress on the scar marks, and then take a clean towel and drape into warm water. Take the towel and put on your face for warm steam. Let excess oil remain, after which you take 1-2 minutes to more until you wash it off with regular water.

Baking soda

Using baking soda is also a great idea for skin exfoliation. They are gentle and coarse due to the soda granules and when you add water to it, it can peel off dead skin within inflaming the skin. Take 2 teaspoons of baking soda and add adequate water for smooth paste. Massage after appliance and focus on the scars. Massage for a couple of minutes and then let it dry. Wash off with warm water and then apply cream or olive oil. Repeat thrice a week till you obtain desired results.

Apple cider vinegar

This is a magical ingredient which improves your skin quality and makes it clearer in no time! Apple cider vinegar includes anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and is thus an astringent along with being a natural disinfectant. It is important to make sure that you purchase good quality apple cedar vinegar so that they have all positive effects on skin. Add water or honey for diluting the elements since it is too coarse to be applied raw. 1 part of the ingredient has to be added with 1 part of water. Soak cotton balls and apply on the scars. Let it sit for 10 minutes after which you can wash it off with regular water. Repeating once a day will let you have quick results!