Iron deficiency symptoms, causes and treatments at home

If the body of the individual does not contain enough iron, it can give rise to anemia or iron deficiency.  Iron has a wonderful role of getting enough oxygen in your body. Since, the body of human being makes use of iron to form hemoglobin; it holes an important role in getting red blood cells. Individual with enough iron in their body, it will easily be in a position of making good number of red blood cells which will help in producing more oxygen and expand the breathing capacity.

Symptoms of iron deficiency

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  • Trouble in concentrating
  • Pale looks
  • Being cranky
  • Feeling weak
  • Feeling short of breath
  • Having headaches
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Fussy
  • Having development and growth slowly as compared to normal people
  • Mental and behavioral problems in most children
  • Having very short span of attention

Causes of iron deficiency

Iron deficiency is mostly seen in women as compared to men. Doctors recommends regular intake of iron substitute or simply iron in natural form for every lady. It is much more essential for a pregnant lady and elderly women.  Some of the common causes include:

  • Heavy bleeding during menstrual periods
  • Bleeding caused due to the conditions like ulcers, cancers, hemorrhoids etc.
  • Bleeding due to the use of aspirin
  • Just after menopause, if the women suffer from bleeding inside the body, it will give rise to deficiency of iron.
  • If you are suffering from celiac disease where your body cannot absorb enough quantity of iron, it will give rise to deficiency of iron
  • There are situations when a part of stomach or intestine is removed from the body of an individual. This can give rise to deficiency of iron in the body of the person

Women with pregnancy have needs of iron in higher quantity.

If you have realized by now that you are suffering from iron deficiency disease. Seeing a doctor immediately will be advisable. The physical will ask you various questions about your health to find out the actual problem and the root cause. He may also ask for certain tests so that there are no flaws in diagnosis as well as treatment procedure. Some blood samples will be asked from you to run the test. The tests can also include iron test, complete blood count test etc which will show adequate iron content in the blood.

You will be asked to take adequate iron in your diet and consume food rich in iron in order to treat the disease named anemia.  Just after consumption of iron pill in two days of iron deficiency syndrome, the patient will feel little better. The main source of causing iron deficiency is also important to be found out.  Infants and toddler needs more iron as compared to adult children so that they have rapid growth.

It has been medically proved that people losing blood excessively are quite likely to lose iron. Thus, it is always suggested for them to get some extra iron for the replacement of what has been lost in the due course.

Home treatment for iron deficiency


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When you are consuming your meal, make sure that there is adequate quantity of iron content. You can consume some green leafy vegetables or spinach which will definitely help adequate collection of iron in your body. The cereals as well as whole grains are also quite favorable for replacing your iron need.

Orange juice

If you can get some orange at your home, make juices out of it with the juicer and consume it. Since orange juice contain vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid, it will be good for the patients suffering from iron deficiency.

Vitamin B12

Iron deficiency takes place mostly in the individuals who are vegetarian in nature.  They need to consume diet rich in vitamin B12 to replace the nutrient consumed by the non vegetarian dishes.

Egg and milk

Iron or blood deficient individual must consume adequate quantity of egg and milk on a regular basis so that they can get back the adequate quantity of iron that which they have lost while losing blood in an accident or some other reasons.