Avoid some healthy food: Do not eat too much of them

Some people know that certain variety of food is not good for their health if they are consumed excessively. Even then people keeps on consuming it. For example, if you are consuming fruit, it will be a healthy habit. Bu, at the same time consumption of excess fruit can give rise to several problems. There may be nutritious contents in variety of food items. But, over eating they can give rise to many serious problems. If you like eating some food items, there is no need to avoid it completely, rather restricting its consumption will be all.

Food you should not eat in excess

Canned tuna

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This is one of the delicious food items for many people. You can consume canned Tuna with bread or rice without cooking. Since it does not require cooking, people prefer it for its ease of consumption. But, you should not consume it in excess as this may increase your mercury level. Excess mercury level is not good at all as this may hamper your vision. This may also give rise to impaired speech. Some people suffer from weakness of their muscles as well. If you want to stay well even after consuming Tuna, restrict consumption of the same to three to five cans.


Soy has variety of advantages starting from control in cholesterol level till balance in blood pressure. But, this too has some disadvantages if consumed in an excessive level. If you are consuming soy everyday in an excessive level, it will give rise to deficiency of iron. Since soy have estrogen like compounds, if you consume it on a long term basis, it can give rise to deficiency of iron. There will be possibilities of proliferation of uterine lining that can give rise to uterine cancer. You can restrict it to two serving in a day for avoiding such problems.

Brazil nuts

As we all know that Brazil nuts are great source of fiber and proteins, it is also quite good in taste. The crunchy nuts are also having some negative effects if consumed in higher quantity. Since these nuts are extremely rich in the selenium it can also become highly toxic in nature. This toxin can affect your hair and nails in high volume. People can also get neurological abnormalities due to excessive consumption of Brazil nuts. But since it also have some negative effect; consuming more than 10 nuts in a day would give rise to some abnormalities.

Oranges and tomatoes

Tomatoes can be consumed in a cooked form or raw form in salads or something else. Oranges are consumed raw as those are citrus fruits. Little bit of oranges would be preferable as it contains citrus acid which is good for health. But, too much of its consumption can lead to reflux. It also gives rise to the disease named as Barrett’s Esophagus which is specifically due to the precancerous lesion that is seen to have formed esophageal lining.


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Doctor suggests people to drink water as much as possible to wash away the impurities and toxins from your body. Some people doesnot have the habit of dinking water at all. Thus, they suffers from variety of diseases. But, excess of water is also not good for health as it gives rise to water intoxications. This is a terrific situation when excess water gets dissolves the sodium present in your body. This will give rise to low sodium level in blood. Sometimes the brain function can also get impaired and people can die at once. Thus, you must consume limited water per day. 8 glasses per day will be enough.


Your mother have always been pressing you to consume spinach in meals but you might not be very keen to consume it. Since it has variety of goodness, consuming it would provide adequate minerals, fiber, protein and vitamins. It also helps keeping your bowel movement effective and in a proper track. But excess of spinach consumption is not good for health as it can form stones in kidney due to its high level of oxalate. Thus, excess of spinach should be avoided either in vegetable dishes or somewhere else to keep healthy.

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