Some weird reasons behind gaining weight

Recently, gaining weight has become a serious problem to people throughout the world. The reasons of weight gain can be many but what is the exact reason for weight gain in adults is hardly found out by the sufferers. According to the recent studies, weight gain can take place due to the reasons like

• Hormonal imbalance
• Side effects of prescribed medicine
• Deficiency of vitamins

Robert J. Hedaya, one of the well known professors of psychiatry says, most of us think that change of lifestyle is one of the main reasons for weight gain. But, actually our body has the capacity of reacting to the factors which we are unable to control at all. Whatever may be the reasons behind weight gain of individuals starting from hormonal imbalance to the side effects of medication, blame passes to individuals?

Weird reasons behind weight gain


Best foods to eat for weight gain

Some experts also say that that individual who stays depressed tends to put on weight. Usually who are highly depressed needs to take antidepressant. In such a situation you should expect gaining weight from 5 to 15 pound.  There is a perfect correlation of depression with that of the weight gain. According to one of the journals published in the year 2010, people with sad mood and loneliness are quite likely to gain weight.

How to fix depressive weight gain

According to Dominique Fradin, MD and MPH associated with Loma Linda school of Medicine in California, patients who are gaining weight due to the consumption of anti depressant pills, must be slowly stopped the habit of consuming such drug. He will also put them to wellbutrin which will help losing some weights. You can also go for a workout schedule to reduce some weight.

Having slow gut

Many people have the problem of digestion and very slow bowel movement. It is one of the serious causes of having in proportionate weight. If you have very poor bowel movement, this will easily give rise to unnecessary weight gain. Once you consume food some parts are converted into energy and rest gets excreted. But, if the bowel movement is not proper, the excess food creates a deposition under your skin layers which is also known as fat. It can be due to low fiber foods in your diet, constipation, lack of flora etc.

How to fix it?

If you think that constipation is what bothering you too much, you must try out probiotic. It is wonderful to clear your track and helps in the process of digestion. You should always stay hydrated. Consuming gallons of water will be one of the best ways to get your gut movement in track. If you are not getting benefit from natural way, you must try out drinking a solution where the fiber powder is mixed with water. It is the wonderful ingredients that help in scrubbing out the waste from your stomach without any trouble.

You are aging up

People can also gain weight due to increase in age. When you are young, your body metabolism is in a perfect order. Thus, you don’t have trouble of digestion at all. You can consume good food, digest it and even get good scope of bowel movement. But, as you age up, your body metabolism will slow down. Thus, burning calories in any method will be really difficult. The calories that can be burned out at the age of 20 is not possible at the age of 40.

How to fix it?

Best ways to lose weight

According to Dr Fradin-Read, all the calories might not be equal when measurement is done with regards to weight. It is good to consider eating some lean protein as it helps burning calories more efficiently. You must also keep it in the mind that crabs are having the tendency of burning too slowly. It can also be efficient in storing inside the body. It will be really beneficial when you are choosing low fat protein at this stage.

Taking wrong medicine

If the medication is wrong, it can give rise to weight gain. Some ladies are seen to consume excessive birth control pill. It can be really dangerous at time. Excess of hormonal pills is also a reason behind weight gain. If you are placing some treatment therapy such as breast cancer medications, steroids, birth control pills, it is quite easy to see some pounds taking over.

Ways of fixing it

If you are in a belief that your medication is affecting your waistline, it will be important to inform it to doctor immediately. He will consider some alternative medication which might not have any side effect.

Deficiency of some essential nutrients

Your body requires some essential nutrients without which you might suffer from variety of side effects. Some of these vital nutrients include iron, vitamin D and magnesium. These help in raising your energy level without compromising the immune system. If any one of the nutrients are missing, it will give rise to alteration in the metabolism.

How to fit it?

It is also possible to know about the ways through which weight gain due to lack of essential nutrients will be disrupted. You can now increase your iron level by consuming spinach or red meat. Magnesium can be readily increased with the healthy lifestyle. This can be compensated with the low energy crabs, caffeine or sweets. If you can consume the right dose of vitamin D, it can be really very convenient to fulfill the deficiency of essential nutrients. But, you should also not take too much of vitamin D or it can give rise to kidney stones.

Plantar fasciitis

Nuts and dry fruits to gain weight

Some muscular conditions or troubles in bones such as osteoarthritis, hip pain or knee pain gives rise to unnecessary weight gain.

How to fix?

There are also ways of fixing this problem. If you have been practicing the weight bearing exercise, it is the time to stop it and go for exercises like swimming, biking and other. It will be good to speak to a physical therapist in this situation