How to get rid of bed bugs naturally

Bed bugs can be worst especially when you are sleeping on your bed at night. Bed bug bites are terrifically painful.

These are small insects that thrive and live on your blood while you sleep on your bed at night. This is the reason you should think of getting rid of the same at the fastest.

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  1. While you wash your clothing and beddings and all kinds of other things you must use very hot water. Extreme warm water kills these insects then and there. This is a good way you can eliminate the bugs.
  2. Vacuum cleaners can help you to get rid of these small insects from under your tables, book cases, and each and every corner of your house from where the bugs can’t be washed away. But vacuum cleaners can kill them by blow drying. In the way you can get rid of the bugs successfully.
  3. Sweep clean all the areas where you suspect there is dirt and bed bugs can affect. Only vacuuming the places properly won’t help. You have to wipe these areas very nicely so that these bugs don’t create a rampage. You can also use disinfectants that are easily available in the market so that bugs does not come or attack your place of living.
  4. Use of only warm energy won’t help you. The bed bugs may have laid eggs on your pillows or on your bed which you are not aware off. If you do not kill it in its very roots then the newly born bed bugs will create a problem in your living in your own house. In this case warm energy will help you kill the eggs and diminish it from its roots.
  5. After all the steaming has been done you can cover your pillows and everything else on which you sleep with some cloth. This will trap the bed bugs and they will be unable to come out and bite you badly and painfully on your body parts. Moreover, if the bugs don’t find a place to come out they are sure to die with suffocation.
  6. Why don’t you use spirits on the areas where bed bugs are thriving? In this way you can kill them then and there. You get saved for a lifelong. Spirit is extremely harmful for the insects to live and this is the reason you should always use a strong one for the purpose.
  7. Grease from tea trees helps you protect yourself from bed bugs. Due to the strong and bitter smell the bed bugs keep away from the areas where the grease has been sprayed. So you can use this in order to keep them away while you are in deep sleep. You do know the areas where you have bed bugs. So do not waste a single minute and apply some grease on these areas.
  8. Lavender grease is disliked by bed bugs. The strong smell of the oil cannot be tolerated by these bed bugs. So all you can do is you can put some leaves in the middle of your bed sheets and stitch them. Or you can also apply some sprays of lavender oil which is easily available in the market. Once you do this you will see the magic. No bed bugs will even come near your bed. The lavender oil and the leaves will serve as a protection to you and also save you from the painful bites.
  9. You can shower your bed, pillows, etc. and wherever you have some bed bugs with irregular earth. The mud will help to kill the bed bugs. They will also bleed while they die. They cannot survive in mud that too when it is uneven.
  10. The extreme heat of the sun can also help you in getting rid of bed bugs. You can just wash your clothing and some other things like cushions, pillows, etc. and keep them in the sun to get dried. The sun has a temperature of 113 degrees which are enough to murder theses killing bed bugs.
  11. With the help of a hair dryer you can even kill bed bugs. As bugs can’t really stay alive when the temperature is around 113 degrees so dryers can be used. You can use this dryer after you wash your clothes, bags, soft toys, etc. With a drying session of around 15 minutes you get rid of all the bed bugs.
  12. Baking soda can be applied on your bed or on your pillows and vacuumed. After applying the baking soda you can vacuum the area. The whole process can be repeated again and again.
  13. Mint is another such herb which the bed bugs dislike a lot. You can rub these leaves on your body before sleeping so that bed bugs do not attack you. You can also use these leaves to place it on your pillows and on your beds so that you do not get the biting of the terrifying insects. Now, you can stay assured that you would have the best sleep at night and no bugs would disturb you in the process.

If you are suffering from the bites of bed bugs then you can apply these home remedies so that you can be saved. After the biting you can also have allergies and reactions on your skin.

If a bed bug bites your small child then without any risk taking you should visit a doctor at one go?  You may not know how your child’s skin may take it.

If you cannot understand where in your house you are having the bed bugs then you can call upon a professional person. That person will be able to help you out in looking for the deadly insects.

He will be able to tell you in a minute that what should be done when these insects are interfering in your daily life. If you follow his ideas then you can get rid of these insects in no time. You will get saved from the pain.