Maintenance of makeup brushes

People like to wear clean clothes and they prefer clean linen and table covers. The kitchen sports clean plates and forks. These carry your personal touch on cleanliness.

They are objects that you use next to your skin and hence should not carry any germs or dust. They also collect bacterial from your faces, eyebrows and lips. If these brushes are used by more than one person, then these oil, dirt and bacteria will be transferred to them. Make sure you clean-

  • Old makeup oils and creams
  • Debris sticking to these oily substances
  • Oil and dirt in the brushes
  • Skin cells that are dry or dead
  • Bacteria

The makeup brushes should be soft and clean. This helps in using them on your face and any harshness on these brushes mean they are carrying some foreign particles on them.

Proper cleaning them changes this feeling. You can wash these brushes at night so that by the morning they are dried and back to their original form.

Things that you can use to clean these brushes

How to clean makeup brushes & tools

  • Sponge
  • Hair conditioner
  • Soft soap
  • Olive oil or any other oil
  • Detergent or shampoo
  • Nail polish or polish remover
  • Alcohol for rubbing purpose

Clean with soap

You can use unscented soap that is best for soft sensitive skin. Take lukewarm water to clean the soap from these brushes. Wet the brushes with this warm water and then use the soap to form the lather.

Then smear the brushes with this lather. Rinse these brushes after sometime. Make sure there is no lather or residue left in the brushes. Rinsing 2 or 3 times is necessary for proper removing of oil and dirt.

You must remember that the metal part of the brushes is not to be rinsed in water as this can destroy these parts. Then the brush will be useless for you.

Detergent or shampoo with the sponge

The sponge should be clean and you must wet it in lukewarm water. Take the shampoo or the detergent on this sponge and smear it on the sponge so that it is full of wet shampoo or detergent.

Then swirl the brushes on the sponge so that the brushes are completely wet in the liquid. Then wait for some time. Rinse the brushes with lukewarm water. There should not be any residue left in the brush. Squeeze it and lay them on a dry towel for drying.

Olive oil or any other oil

Use oil for brushes that are heavily enmeshed in oily makeup and other creams. They sometimes are very stiff and you must be very careful while cleaning this stuff. Take some clean paper towels and take a few drops of oil on them.

Swirl the brush on these oily towels. Slowly the dryness disappears. The brushes are less stiff and can be cleaned using the towels. Now use the soap or detergent and lukewarm water for cleaning the brush completely and then spread them out to dry.

Clean beauty blenders

Types of makeup brushes

You need to clean the beauty blender with soap or shampoo. You can also use detergent. You can take detergent cakes that are easier to clean these.

Wet the blenders and then put some detergent drops on them. Roll them in the hands so that the detergent is completely smeared on to it. Wait for some time and then clean then with lukewarm water.

Check by squeezing them and if you see dirty water, you must clean them again. Use the same process till you get clean water when you squeeze them. Dry them out and then you are ready to use them again.

You must make sure that you take time out to clean your tools that help you to look beautiful. There are times between your use of the brushes and you can plan to clean them at that time.

You can use a wet towel to clean the brushes quickly. Swirl the brushes on the wet towel to remove the lipsticks and creams. You can also use a makeup brush cleaner to spray on the brushes once a month to get the dirt and oil out.

Wipe in a tissue and your brush is ready. There are different sizes and makes of brushes and you can choose time and way from these different processes and keep your makeup tools perfectly clean.