How to clean your makeup brushes and tools

Just in the way you clean and manage your wardrobe, your rooms and everything that pertains to good hygiene, it is important that you clean your makeup brushes and other grooming tools, as well. Make sure to clean them at regular intervals, or you might land up with a number of skin issues. Make sure that you have some tips in this regard up your sleeve.

On cleaning your makeup sponge

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First of all, you need to dampen the makeup sponge with warm water. Apart from washing off the makeup residue, it will also allow to keep germs away from your sponge, thus keeping it in great condition. Then use some drops of mild soap or baby shampoo and form a rich lather out of your sponge, using your fingers. Next, rinse it thoroughly, at least until you see the water to run clear. Finally, squeeze your sponge dry, using a clean, dry towel. It is also important to air dry it. However, should you want to use it damped, then you might want to start working with it without drying. Remember to repeat this cleaning procedure very frequently, especially when the sponge has no unused section.

The perfect way of cleaning makeup brushes

Once again, the cleaning procedure should begin with a rinsing session. This means, you will need to wash the bristles of the makeup brushes thoroughly. As you do, make sure to do it with your tap water streaming down. This way, you can prevent running water from entering the base of your makeup brushes. This will, in turn, loosen the glue, thus shortening the longevity of your brush. Next, it’s time to cleanse. Use a small amount of baby shampoo on the bristles. Lather and wash until the water is clear. Then, it is the time to conduct a disinfecting session. Start by preparing a mixture of 1 part of vinegar and 2 parts of tap water in a bowl. Swoosh your brushes inside it for some minutes. Once again, try not to submerge it fully. Then rinse the brushes, once again using water. Finally, dry and reshape your bristles. You can dry them fast by laying them flat on a clean, dry towel overnight. Make sure to repeat this process regularly.

On cleaning your hairbrush

Your hairbrushes or combs are something that you cannot afford to keep unclean for long. And if you do, then it might give way to annoying issues like dandruff and hair fall. Before you start cleaning your brush, try removing the hair from the bristles, at least as much as you can. You can do it by using a toothpick. Next, fill a standard-sized bowl with water and add some drops of clarifying shampoo to it. You can soak your hair brush in the water for about 5 minutes, provided your hair brush is made of plastic. Otherwise, simply dip the bristle of the brush/ comb for 4-5 times. Now take an unused toothbrush, dip it in the soapy water and use it to scrub the brushes thoroughly. Rinse well and dry it overnight. You can lay them bristle-side-down on a clean towel to dry it. Clean them at least once a month.

Clean metal tools

This refers to a number of makeup essentials, including eyebrow trimmers, tweezers, cuticle nippers, eyelash curlers, as well as nail clippers. Make sure to wash them using antibacterial soap. Pat them dry with a clean piece of cloth. It is also important to sanitize them, which you can do by rubbing a cotton ball that is soaked with alcohol. While it is a good idea to sanitize your metal tools once a fortnight, make sure to wash them every time they are used.

Additional tips

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  • Make sure that you replace your powder puffs at regular interval. Powder puffs are a major space for different types of bacteria to grow and stay on your makeup. At least, try cleaning it once a week. You can clean your powder puff in the same manner you clean your makeup brushes. However, make sure to change it by the time your compact gets exhausted and you go forward to clean a new one.
  • Buy cosmetic bags. They will keep dust away and help you organize your makeup essentials. You can also consider investing in a cosmetic train case if you need to travel frequently.