How to lose weight with fitbit

Losing weight with Fitbit can be a fun. In fact, the objective behind these tiny gadgets where just to make healthy living more easier for people by letting them know what they are eating, how much calorie they are burning and how they can get back in shape.

Fitbit can be simply put as a 21st century pedometer, but it certainly comes with some most sophisticated features to give the users the best health benefits.

How fitbit works

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Fitbit is quite small in size and shape and can easily pass into your pocket or underwear for keeping a track of your movement, your total calorie intake as well as your sleep throughout the day. It works more than a simple physical activity tracker by tracking your diet and even sleep.

If you are trying to become a healthier human being, Fitbit can be an efficient companion for you to stick to your weight loss goals.

Apart from logging data of your activities in its tiny memory, it also offloads data to its website, where you can log in by providing your personal password and check the thorough analysis of how you have performed according to your own pre-set goals.

The best part about fitbit is that it does not make you go through a rigorous exercise or steep diet regime. It only informs you about what you should do to achieve your goal and what you are doing currently.

The tiny display of the gadget keeps you informed every moment about your activities, enabling you to take the necessary measures to make it up to your goal.

How fitbit helps in weight loss

When you are planning to lose weight, taking the assistance of an intelligent companion like fitbit can be actually helpful. This article will tell you how you can use fitbit to lose weight.

An overall better health should be the primary reason behind losing weight and by enabling you to know exactly about your whole day activities, calorie intake as well as sleep quality, fitbit can ensure a healthier body, mind and life for you.

Fitbit comes with a detailed user manual that will give you a clear idea about how to use the tracker and how to log your details in it.

The user manual will also provide you with all the information about analyzing your data as well as your account details for logging into the fitbit website, where you can check a more detailed breakdown of how you are doing to achieve your goal.

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Fitbit can be effective to keep you motivated to achieve your weight loss goal, but it will not push you to do something that you do not like to do. So, for making the best use of fitbit, first you have to be serious about your goal and then only this tracker can help you to achieve it.

Keep in mind, that fitbit itself is not a weight loss plan; it only keeps you regularly informed and updated about your weight loss plan.

So, when you are embarking on a weight loss regime, which should include a proper diet and regular exercises, having the fitbit with you will ensure that you are following the plan correctly and are making the expected progress on a day to day basis to reach your final objective.

Monitoring your weight loss regime with fitbit

The first thing that you need to do before you start your weight loss regime with fitbit, is to enter your body weight and height in the gadget. Apart from that, the tracker will also note your blood pressure and other factors that can help it to keep a track on how healthy you are becoming day by day.

After entering your physical parameters into the tool, you will also have to set your goals. The goal setting can be best done on the website of Fitbit and it will also suggest you on the same.

Once you have set it right, now all you need to do to make Fitbit work for you is to keep it with you always. Even when you are sitting somewhere or you are doing some exercises, do not forget to take it with you.

Fitbit can also measure your sleep as well as your sleep quality. Sleep also has a direct effect on your overall health as well as body weight and hence keeping the fitbit with you while sleeping is also important.

Counting the burnt calorie

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Exact information about the steps you have walked in a day or the total calorie you have burnt will be stored in the gadget. If your goal was to walk 10,000 steps in a day and you have covered only half of that by night you can get intimation from fitbit to cover the rest of the steps to stick to your goal.

However, if you do not feel like covering it that day, it does not mean that you miss the goal all together, but you should not continue skipping the plan for more days.

Counting the calorie intake

To make fitbit count the total calorie that you are taking in a day, you have to provide the inputs and then you can find the total calorie consumption chart on the fitbit site.

When on a weight loss regime, it is important to opt for a calorie deficit, which means, the calorie you will be burning in a day should be more than what you are taking in. The fitbit website can give you a clear account of how you are performing on your calorie goal.

If you happen to skip your diet for a day and opt for your favorite dish, just do enter exactly the calorie you took that day in the app, so that it can show you the less calorie you need to take the following days to stick to your weight loss plan.

However, always keep in mind, as far as the calorie consumption is concerned, the gadget depends on your input and hence if you are providing wrong inputs, it will certainly give you wrong outputs. So, be careful about what you provide to the app.

Keeping track of your sleep

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Fitbit can keep an accurate track of how much sleep you are getting in a day and will also ping you if you are getting less rest than required. It can also measure the sleep quality which is a unique feature of this gadget.


In order to lose weight with fitbit, it is important that you check the detailed analysis of your daily calorie burnt, calorie intake and sleep quality and adjust your next day plan accordingly.

Not following the analysis and the information provided by the gadget will simply make it ineffective for losing weight. So, when you are using this tracking app, to ensure that you get the best out of your diet and exercise regime, follow it religiously.