How to get rid of dandruff with coconut oil and lemon? – Dandruff remedy with coconut oil & lemon

Dandruff is undoubtedly good for nothing and it’s really embarrassing when starts appearing visible to all. Well, the problem that dandruff cause does not end here as it also causes itchy and oily scalp.

You must be looking for the solution to your problem, don’t you? Let you know about the secret that you are seeking everywhere it’s just beside you. Are you surprised after listening to it! Just you need to look around your kitchen and you would find the solution by the ingredient lemon and coconut oil.

How to remove dandruff with coconut oil and lemon?

Say bye-bye to your dandruff with lemon and coconut oil

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The remedy that we are going to share is a cup of tea to apply. Just you need to add the lemon juice of half lemon in a ¼ cup of lukewarm coconut oil. Apply it to your hair. Give a gentle massage to your scalp and leave it for half an hour before washing it off. Repeat this remedy twice a week to notice the best result and get dandruff free and absolutely healthy hair.

Prevent dandruff with hot coconut oil massage

Champi is not a bad idea at all to prevent dandruff. There is only need to get a very good massage of the head with hot coconut oil. Well, this is the remedy that gives you certain result while preventing dandruff and nourishing your hair.

It’s quite easy to apply all you need to do is heat coconut oil and make the temperature of oil that should be touchable. Apply it to your scalp by using your finger and give a gentle massage. Rub this oil to your hair too. Let it sit for half an hour then wash off with your regular shampoo and apply conditioner. Repeat this massage twice a week to get the best result.

Lemon and curd fight off dandruff

The combination of lemon and curd is one of the best options to fight off dandruff. Lemon balances the pH of the scalp and curd kills the bacterial and fungal infections. This combination also balances the moisture of the scalp that prevents dryness and itchiness.

Add ½ a lemon juice in 2 tbsp of curd. Make sure, you are using fresh sour curd. Mix these ingredients well then apply to your scalp. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes before washing it off with your regular shampoo. Follow this remedy thrice a week for the best result.

Lemon & aloe vera cure dandruff

Curd for dandruff & itchy scalp

Aloe vera is rich in vitamin E as well as it prevents the dryness of the scalp. Aloe vera is a herb that is full of benefits to the hair problem. It helps to remove OR prevent dandruff while nourishing hair.

Extract the pulp of fresh aloe vera leaf to make a paste by grinding. Before applying this paste add ½ spoon lemon juice in it. Apply this mixture to your scalp and leave it for 30-40 minutes. Rinse off with cold water. Repeat this remedy twice a week to get the better result.


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