How to get rid of pimples on Nose

A beautiful face is one thing that can impress anyone during the first meet. It makes the first impression on someone. Everyone wants a clear face and nowadays there are treatments that many people undergo and apply face washes to keep their faces clear.

Pimples are the one things that we do not want on our face. And if it is our nose area that is affected then it looks very ugly. Pimples can be very frustrating to get rid of. The area around a pimple becomes red. Even after a pimple is gone they leave dark spots on the skin.

Here in this blog, we are going to talk about how to get rid of these pimples from our nose.

First, we will talk about the causes of the pimples

How to get rid of pimples fast

The experts have answers to the question on what are the causes of the pimples on the nose. In teens, the pimples are mostly caused by the puberty hormones. Teenage is the age when the levels of the hormones increase very much to support the growth of the body and pimples can be caused by this reason.

In adults, the pimples can be because of the blockage of the skin pores. A bacterial infection can also be the reason of the pimples on the nose. Experts also say that the pimples can be symptoms of diseases or illness in the body.

these were some of the reasons about the causes of the pimples on the nose.

Remedies for pimples on nose


Applying ice on the pimple helps to reduce the growth of a pimple. The cooling effect of the ice works like a magic on the pimple. One thing to remember is that do not apply ice directly on the nose. Rather keep the ice in a piece of cloth and then place the cloth on the nose. Ice also helps to clean the pores of the skin and increase the blood circulation in the nose area.


Toothpaste also has the capability of cooling the skin. The toothpaste can be applied at night before sleeping. The toothpaste can also be used in place of the ice.

Toothpaste has to be applied for at least half an hour. And only non-gel based toothpaste can be used in this treatment.


The lemon juice has natural acids in it. Applying the lemon juice on the pimple helps to clean the skin pores and the kill the bacteria that cause the pimples.

You can apply the lemon juice by squeezing out the juice on a cotton piece.

One important thing to remember is, do not move out in the direct sunlight when you have applied the lemon juice as it can cause irritation. Therefore, it is recommended to apply the juice at night.


How to get rid of blind pimples

From the past times, garlic has been used as the antibacterial agent. Garlic has the properties to affect a pimple that is caused by the bacteria. Garlic is also used as a blood purifying agent. One can apply the garlic by folding it in a cloth and rubbing on the affected area.


Steam can be very helpful to remove a pimple from the skin. It works as same as ice. You can heat the water and put it into a container and hold the container close to the skin so that steam passes through the skin.

Steam helps to cleanse the pores of the skin and pull out the dirt of that pores. This reduces the growth of a pimple.

These were some home remedies to stop the growth of the pimples on your skin and get rid of them.


Popping the pimple

Most of the people who suffer from pimples have a habit of popping a pimple. By doing so they also add some more bacteria to their skin that are present on their hands. Popping the pimple can be harmful to your health. Scientists say that it can cause shock to the brain. This is because the area around the nose has nerve endings directly connected to the brain. If you pop a pimple it can lead to a direct shock to the nerves leading to the brain.

That was all about on how to get rid of pimples on the nose.