How to cover blackheads with & without makeup?

It is possible to cover your blackheads both with the help of makeup and without the makeup. When you are covering your blackheads without makeup it means, you are doing it artificially to show the crowd that you don’t have blackheads. On the other hand, you can get the natural remedy of blackheads by clearing it deeply right from its root.

This is an ultimate cure and preventive mechanism for blackheads that has been bothering you too much when you are out with your friends or attending formal gatherings. If you want to cover the blackheads on your face on a temporary basis, application of makeup will be an important consideration. But, if you want to remove it on a permanent basis go for the natural solution.

Covering blackheads with makeup

How to remove blackheads

There are several steps which you need to follow if you really wish to cover your blackheads with makeup. Let us follow the following step.

Step 1

Clean your face- Even when you are going to apply a thick makeup in order to cover your blackheads, cleaning your face with water and a cleanser will be an important step.

Step 2

Moisturize- Just after cleaning your face, the next important step which you need to comply with is the task of moisturizing. This will protect your skin even if you have applied makeup for a long time.

Step 3

Foundation- After application of moisturizer, you can view some of the areas of your skin that are discolored. Now you need to put foundation on those areas. You can use your fingers or a brush to comply with this process.

Step 4

Blending- After application of your foundation, it is very important to blend it throughout your face as otherwise this will look odd. For this you can also use a blending or a concealer brush.

Step 5

Conceal- The blackheads can be covered with the help of concealer and the brush over your nose rings and chins. If you have blackheads in other parts of your face, apply the concealer. You have to take the tip of the concealer brush over the portions where you have blackheads. Dab the concealer till the black color blackheads are covered.

Step 6

Home remedies for blackheads

Powder makeup- Now, you have to use a translucent powder to cover the area where you have use the concealer. This will make your face equally balanced.  This way your blackheads will be covered with makeup.

Covering blackheads without makeup

Let us now proceed with the natural way through which blackheads of your skin can be covered with the help of some natural herbs and ingredients.

Baking soda exfoliate

One of the best remedy of blackheads with be scrubbing or exfoliate. If you don’t want to use the exfoliates available in the market, the natural ways can also be effectively used. Baking soda is one of the wonderful alternatives that will drive away blackheads totally. Take a spoon of baking soda and add some water in it such that it becomes a paste. Now apply it over your blackheads affected area with slowly rubbing with the help of your finger tips. Wash with the cold water.

Lemon juice

Blackheads are a hairy substance that forms over our face around our nose lines and chin. This is basically the result of pollution and dirt accumulated over the face. Lemon is a wonderful natural remedy that removes the dirt from your face layer. You need to mix two spoon of lemon juice with same quantity of water and dab a cotton ball over it. There after apply it over your face rubbing the portions where you have blackheads.

Clay mask

Take two spoons of clay and dissolve it with water. You can also add few drops of olive oil if your skin has become dry. Mix them well and apply it over your face covering the portions where you have the blackheads. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash with cold water. You can see much less blackheads from your ski layer after this clay mask remedy.

Orange peel off mask

How to cover blackheads

The peel off masks also works really well when you are in the process of removing blackheads from your skin layer. If you want to get the orange peel of mask from the market, you can easily get it as there are varieties of masks that will make your skin look attractive with removal of blackheads.

On the other hand, you can make orange peel of mask right at home. For this you require orange peels in powdered form and honey and the white portion of egg. Now mix all well and apply it over the chin, around the nose and also over the face. Keep it for 15-20 minutes till it is dry. Once it is dry, peel it off from your face and your blackheads gets peeled away from your face.

Sugar and honey exfoliate

An exfoliate with sugar and lemon work well on your skin especially when you have blackheads. Take a spoon of medium granule sugar and two spoons of honey. Mix them well and apply over your face where you have blackheads. Slowly rub against it with your finger tips and keep it for around 15-20 minutes. Now wash it with the cold water. You can also use lukewarm water as it is ideal to remove the dirt and pollutants from your skin layer.