Different ways to make heels more comfortable

 You know that wearing your favorite pair of heels is not the healthiest option, especially when the ‘comfort’ factor really matters. But what about the occasions when you have no other options but to wear it? Should you simply slip into them, sighing about the impending aching soles, pinched toes and sore heels, or dig up some clever tips to stay pain free every time you wear them? Have a lowdown if having some tips up your sleeve appears to be a good idea.

Pitch it perfectly

Best tips for cracked heels

The slope of the sole of a shoe is called its pitch. While fashion gurus might have their own ways of defining it, as a consumer, you should understand the steeper your pitch is, the more your legs will hurt after you return home. It goes without saying that shoes with higher pitch have a steeper land. Nevertheless, it is sensible to pay attention to that very part of the shoe, no matter what the heel height is. You will find a number of high heel shoes having very gentle shoes.

Mind is posture

Apart from conveying your body language, maintaining the right posture is essential for a number of reasons. It helps you look elegant and comfortable. Plus, it assists you to maintain a strong, leveled stride, preventing any heavy clomping, which might make your heels even sorer. So how should you maintain the perfect posture? Consider yourself to be a finely-postured ballerina every time you go around the heels. A small hop as you step, instead of a pounding can result in marginal difference.

Shape of a different things matter

The shape of your foot will matter in this regard. Be honest to yourself about the shape of your feet. If you have wider feet, then make sure to buy shoes accordingly for your comfort and feet health’s sake. Also, see to the toe box of the shoes, as well as their heels. Fortunately enough, high heels are not necessarily confined to pointed stilettos these days. Shop around to explore fantastic options! Shoes having thicker heels are indeed going to offer you more comfort. And if you still want to go for wedges, which are, in most cases, uncomfortable, go for a chunky one instead of the high, thin ones. When it comes to the toe box, you can preferably go for the conventional and Puritan-type square stuffs. Go for chic and more comfortable one- almond toes! That is somehow a cross between a witchy pointy and Minnie Mouse round. They are stylish, comfortable and just the things to be worn for long hours.

Learn the truth about insoles and moleskin

You have seen both in the drugstores. But how much are they going to help you? Well, moleskin is basically a kind of cotton that offers the right type of traction that you will never get from sweat-inducing, uncomfortable standard bandages. Again gel insoles can be kept in the place the ball of your feet stays. Given that it is the place where much pains come from, using insoles can make a big difference to your comfort factor for good.

You will get what you pay for

Cheap shoes are inevitably made from poor quality, substandard materials. So the cheaper stuff you wear, the more debilitating pain you might endure. Choose shoes made from genuine leather because they provide the right support to your feet. Cheapo plastic footwear is uncomfortably stiff. You may get them cheap, but you may not like them. Your gentle feet need loving care. That being said, you should also understand that an expensive shoe wear with poor fitting can be an equally bad investment. So spend your money wisely.

Tape the toes

Home remedies to treat cracked heels

According to a very famous fashion blog, tapping the 3rd and 4th toes together is a fit foolproof way to prevent heel pain. You may ask ‘why’? According to the blog, this process help prevent a certain nerve from getting agitated between the toes while heels are worn.

Seek help from your cobbler

Maintain your shoes regularly and ensure that they are in great shape. This will also help your feet from receiving sores. Get your heels replaced immediately in case it wears down, or loses its usual fraction. A cobbler would never overcharge you. Rely on their expertise.