How to dye old pair of jeans to new look again

Do it yourself blogs will let you know that you can dye your clothes. Have you ever tried them yourself? The jeans that you had been wearing for the last 10 years do not look good enough for you to be in it and roaming the roads.

They are faded and needs to be discarded. Or you can do something else. You can dye them to bring back a new phase in its life.

You will just need some new ideas on the way you can dye them. Find out a few ways and then you can make your own rules for bringing the old jeans back to your wardrobe.

Jeans that can be dyed for its second phase

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You will need the most faded yet still stronger looking jeans. The cloth must have faded near the knees and the thigh. You will also need some dye. Let’s dye it in indigo color. You will get this dye in the local stores where you find fabric. You can also buy it from different online stores. You will also need some –

  • Salt
  • Water
  • Large bucket, pot or an empty sink
  • Dryer for drying the jeans.


The jeans are itself a strong fabric and when you buy them from branded stores, they hardly gets torn at many a places. You must choose one faded jeans that is not torn.

You need to mend the jeans if it is torn and that is an added area of expertise. Take the indigo dye that you already have and keep it aside. Make the sink ready for the work. It should be covered or you will lose the content.

Wet jeans and mix the dye

Wet the jeans so that it is moist but make sure the water dripping stage in not what it is in. Hot some water so that you have a good amount of very hot water. Now add the salt in this hot water.

This helps the dye to stick to your fabric and not wash away. Now add the liquid or powder dye into this saltwater. Mix it well so there are no lumps. All this time the water should be boiling. It can be near to the boiling point too.

Dyeing the jeans

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You can drop the jean into the pot of boiling water. This is funny to read but actually this should be the process. Make sure that the jean is completely into the water and no part is sticking out and dry. If you need more water, add some water to the mixture.

This process adds the color of the dye to your fabric and so you must let the fabric soak the color for about 20 minutes. You must stir it from time to time so that there are no splotches of color at different places. There should be even distribution.

Washing and drying

Now when you are sure that the time has elapsed and there is even distribution of colors in the fabric, you can pour the whole thing into the sink. Make sure the sink is dark in color or else it will get the hue of your dye.

If you have light colored sink, then take a larger pot to wash the jeans. You can also use the washing machine. Wash it once and then use the dryer to dry it.

You can also wash it in the bucket and then put it up for drying. Make sure that the water is clear before you take out the jeans for drying.

Sometimes you may find the jeans are torn in the knee area or near the zip. These can be stitched with a different colored thread. If it is a small line then sew it with criss cross stitches. If the turned part is bigger than you can cut it off and place a patch on it and stitch it.

This becomes a fashionable one for your casual looks. You can cut it off from the knee length and wear it as shorts. Dye it in this length in a different color and you are ready with a completely exciting garment.