How to make the best shorts from jeans

The fashion items often cost a lot of money but when you are giving yourself a gift of a cut off shorts from your old jeans, you do not spend much. You can find few methods to cut off the old jeans and prepare comfortable and easy to use shorts. The best ways can be engaging and interesting too.

Choose the pair of jeans that suits

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The shorts that you want should be tight fitting so that you can wear it with loose tops to the beach. You can choose a jeans that is easy to wear and not too tight around the thighs. These can become your live in shorts for the summer months. The baggy jeans will change its avatar to baggy shorts and can be a good one to wear around when you are at home. Try to go for the jeans that are already well worn so that it won’t shrink further. This will be easy to measure up for the shorts. If you plan to use jeans that you have not worn much and have never washed once, then wash it once and run through the dryer so that it shrinks as much as possible. Now you have jeans that will be comfortable as shorts even after you wash it.

Length of the shorts

The shorts can be of various lengths and you will find capris are also an option if you find them fashionable or comfortable. The capris are worn a few inches shorter than the calves. You can find this a good option to turn your tight and figure hugging jeans to the capris.

Shorts can be worn a little above knee or it also can be below the knee. You decide if you want to create a live in shorts or tight fitting jeans short that will give you a smart look. You can also use the tight fitting jeans for bringing about the classic shorts that comes below the knee. These are just perfect for wearing when you are gardening or fitting the water pump.

You can use the very short shorts for chomping around with your friends. These can be very short but once you have cut these up and stitched the hemline, you will not be able to go back. So measure the length well before cutting this short.

Marking the area for cut offs

You will have to mark the spot where you want to cut off. If your jeans have a torn or frayed knee then you can cut it off and wear it without thinking much about it. You can use the end with some fringe and so you must mark it an inch more so that you can put the line of fringes at the end. There are jeans that will not look good with fringe and you also may decide to let go of the fringe. You mark the jeans half an inch below the mark or length of the short that you want to create. You can also cuff the shorts and get them sewn. You will have to fold the last line a few times for the cuffs and so mark a place at least 3 inches more than the normal length of short that you want. The folds will eat off the extra length.

Cutting the jeans as per the length

Place a ruler or a tray on the mark to pronounce the cutting edge. The ruler should tilt upwards at the outer edge and it should make a V at the crotch with the other hand of the V being the cut off mark of the other leg. This is the right way to place it for cutting off as it gives the right length to each of the legs. Do not make the cut too deep to make the V pronounced as then you will have shorter length towards the thighs. Make a mark with the ruler and then cut through the lines that you have made. There will be some frayed ends. You must wear it now to check the length. If you want it shorter, then you will have to cut off a little more.

Sew the hems after folding them. You can use the sewing machine to do the hem or you can do them by hands. Your shorts are ready for a casual day out.