Grapeseed oil for acne – How to treat acne with grape-seed oil

Are you looking for an effective home remedy to treat acne? Then you have arrived at the right place. Acne is a common skin condition and it needs serious care and treatment to be cured. While there are already several anti-pimples and anti-acne products crowding the market, the demand for highly effective home treatments for curing acne has never subsided. Men and women, who are cautious about their skin, always feel apprehensive about putting on a chemical product on their face, particularly because they are aware about the side effects ingrained in most of the chemical filled cosmetics and this is the reason behind all the hullabaloo for home remedies.

Without elaborating any more on why you should pick the home treatments instead of the chemical filled products, we will straight get into the treatment itself, the grapeseed oil, which not only claims but has been proved to offer quick relief from existing acne breakouts and also helps in preventing future breakouts. Sounds great? Read on to know more about it.

How grapeseed oil fights and prevents acne

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Grapeseed oil has high linoleic acid content which has the ability to strengthen the membranes of the cells and improves the overall skin quality. As it improves the skin, the natural protective and reparative properties of the skin are invigorated, which at one hand helps in healing the existing acne and on the other, prevents future breakouts. This oil also has anti-inflammatory property, which helps in soothing the skin and reducing the inflammation and redness on the skin caused due to acne and pimples. The antioxidants present in the oil protect the skin from oxidative damages and the natural acids present in it helps in exfoliating the skin, opening the clogged pores. The astringent property of the oil also helps in pore minimization which helps in preventing further breakouts.

So, now as you are aware about how the grapeseed oil works to treat and prevent acne, let us get into how to use it to get the best results.

Treating pimples with grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil is mild enough to be used on the face directly and due to its moisturizing, yet light nature it is often used as a natural skin moisturizer as well, replacing the creams and lotions. If you have got a few pimple breakouts on your face and you have grapeseed oil in home, try out any of the next treatments and you can see improvements within a day.

Grapeseed oil with cinnamon for pimple treatment

Cinnamon is known for its ability to dry out pimples quickly. This easily available kitchen ingredient has high antibacterial properties, which helps in killing the bacteria infecting the pimples. Read on to know how to use cinnamon with grapeseed oil for getting rid of pimples,

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  • Take 1 inch cinnamon strand and grind it to dust
  • Take 1/2 spoon of the cinnamon dust in a clean container and add the grapeseed oil to it in drops until it reaches the consistency of a thick paste
  • Apply the resulting pack directly on the pimples and let it stand at least for 15 minutes or more
  • Wash off with plenty of water
  • Use 1-2 times in a day or as an overnight treatment if your skin is not sensitive

Grapeseed oil with apple cider vinegar for curing pimples

Apple Cider Vinegar helps in curing pimples by killing the bacteria growth on the skin and also offers an exfoliating effect, which helps in clearing the pores. ACV also balances the pH of the skin, which helps in getting rid of pimples quickly. Use it with grapeseed oil in the following way,

  • Take 1 spoon clean water and add 1 spoon ACV to it
  • Now mix 3-4 drops of the resulting solution with 4-5 drops of the grapeseed oil
  • Apply the resulting mixture onto the pimples directly with the help of a cotton swab
  • Let it stand for 20-30 minutes or a bit longer
  • Wash off with plenty of water

Grapeseed oil with garlic for pimple treatment

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The allicin content of garlic makes it potent for killing the pimple causing bacteria and hence you can use garlic extract with grapeseed oil to get even better results. Follow the steps mentioned below to use it in the right way,

  • Take 3-4 cloves of garlic, grate and smash them
  • Leave the smashed garlic for 10 minutes, as it is believed that the active compounds of garlic start to come out after smashing it
  • Finally strain the smashed garlic to collect the extract
  • Now add 4-5 drops of this garlic juice extract with 4-5 drops of the grapeseed oil and apply it directly onto the pimples
  • Let it stand at least for 20-30 minutes and then wash off with water
  • Repeat twice a day

Treating acne with grapeseed oil

Acne spreads to a wider area of the skin and grapeseed oil can be an effective yet mild treatment for treating and preventing the breakouts. Here is how to use it,

Direct grapeseed oil treatment for acne

You can use grapeseed oil regularly as a natural moisturizer for your skin. It gets absorbed to the skin easily and does not leave a sticky feel or oily film on the skin which can lead to acne breakouts. Read on to know how to use it,

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  • Take a few drops of the oil on your fingertips, you do not really need a lot to cover even your whole face
  • Massage it lightly onto the skin, focusing on the acne affected area and you are done
  • You need not to wash it off or remove it, the oil will naturally get absorbed into your skin
  • Use it any time, except before going out into the sun

Grapeseed oil with aloe vera for treating acne

Aloe Vera is known for its nourishing, healing and anti-bacterial properties, which makes it an ideal side effect free home treatment for treating acne. You can add grapeseed oil with Aloe Vera to get the best effects of both and to say bye to acne forever. Here are the steps,

  • Take a fresh Aloe Vera leaf, slit the skin and scrape out the pulp
  • Smash this pulp in a mortar and pestle to make the Aloe Vera gel
  • Take 2 spoons of the Aloe Vera gel in a container and add 1 spoon of grapeseed oil to it
  • Mix well and apply lavishly onto the affected area of the skin
  • Let it stand until your skin starts to feel stretchy
  • Remove the pack with a damp cotton cloth and do not wash off with water unless you are moving out

Grapeseed oil with tea tree oil for acne cure

Tea tree oil is very effective in curing acne due to its high antibacterial properties, but before you use it on the facial skin, it is important to opt for a spot test to ensure that it goes well on your skin. Here is how to use tea tree oil with grapeseed oil,

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  • Mix the tea tree oil with the grapeseed oil in 1:4 proportions. So, if you are taking 8 drops of grapeseed oil you should not add more than 2 drops of tea tree oil in it
  • Use this oil mixture to a smaller area of the face just to ensure that there is no burning sensation or sensitivity
  • Once you are sure that the strength of the oil mixture is suitable for your skin, apply it onto the acne affected area and leave on for around 15 minutes before washing off with water

Grapeseed oil with neem and tulsi concoction

Neem is known for its antibacterial properties and tulsi has the ability to calm and soothe the irritated skin. You can use concoction of tulsi and neem leaves along with grapeseed oil to cure acne and to keep further acne breakouts at bay. Read on to know how to prepare and use it,

  • Take 10 tulsi leaves and 15 neem leaves, wash them clean in water
  • Add these leaves into 2 cups of water and bring it to boil
  • Let it boil till the water becomes half and then remove the container from the heat
  • Let the temperature come down and then strain the leaves
  • You should add 2 spoons of grapeseed oil into 1 cup of this neem and tulsi concoction and store it in the fridge in an airtight plastic bottle
  • Apply this concoction onto the affected area of the skin 2-3 times a day with the help of a cotton ball, and you can see the acne subsiding in 2-3 days
  • Do not forget to shake the bottle well before you use the concoction

Some important notes

In order to ensure that you get the best effects of the pimple and acne treatments mentioned above, it is important to keep the following things in mind,

Buy only good quality and pure grapeseed oil

To get the best results of grapeseed oil in fighting acne, it is important that you use the pure grapeseed oil that is extracted following proper techniques, so that it does not lose the properties or effectiveness. Before you buy the oil, make sure what you are buying and use it accordingly to get the best results. If you are buying a grapeseed oil formulation with other ingredients for treating acne, you might not need to add anything else to it.

Use the treatments only on clean skin

Grapeseed oil can be highly effective to treat acne but it is important that you maintain the best cleanliness and hygiene of the skin to let it work properly. Always clean the acne affected area well before applying any acne or pimple treatment made with grapeseed oil. Also make sure that you wash your face properly with water before leaving home, particularly when you are using grapeseed oil anti acne treatments.