What are the causes of bad breath and home remedies

You must have come across many people who have persistent bad breath. It is quite natural to have bad breath for all individuals after getting up from bed. But, it is really irritating to stay beside a person who is having a continuous bad smell while speaking. It takes place due to the existence of germs and bacteria residing inside the mouth. If you carry on with good oral hygiene, this will positively provide a solution to bad breath. You can use tongue cleaner and mouthwash regularly to stop bad breathe.  An unpleasant smell in your mouth is really embarrassing within the public. You need to take extra precautions to eradicate bad breathe.

Causes of bad breath

Dry mouth

How to prevent bad breath

If your mouth remains dry for a long time, there can be a trouble of bad breathe. With the reduced flow of saliva, your mouth might get dry. Just after a night sleep, your mouth might get your mouth dry as the activity with your mouth gets restricted with the reduced flow of saliva. Even the causes of dry mouth are many. Those are:

  • Side effects of some medicines
  • Carrying on with the activity of radiotherapy in the neck and head region
  • Dehydration or the lack of fluid in the body
  • Symptoms of some disease


Due to excessive smoking some people also have a problem of bad breath.  The smell will be like an ashtray. If you want to eradicate such smoking smell, avoiding smoking will be the best option.  You may also get the problem of gum disease if you are a chain smoker.

Food, medicine and drinks

Food rich in chemicals can easily get into the blood stream which is seen to breathe out from the lungs. There are some people who are accustomed and familiar with the smells of garlic, alcoholic drinks as well as spicy food. If you have been consuming alcoholic beverage, getting a stink in your mouth will be quite natural. This stink will be temporary and can be cured naturally if the particular food, medicine and drink is avoided. If your medicine is providing enough stink, the best way will be to contact doctor immediately.

Ways of avoiding bad breath

Oral hygiene

You must brush your teeth twice in a day so that variety of teeth and gum problems can be eradicated. If individuals have the problem of bleeding gum, using soft ruffled brush will be ideal. Also the toothpaste that you are using must contain fluoride.  You also need to spend at least a period of two minutes for brushing. You must cover all areas starting from teeth, gums till tongue and other portion of your mouth.  Pay attention to your tooth brush and make sure that you change it in every 3 to 4 month.

Food and drinks

Generally the bad breath in mouth is a result of bacterial attack in mouth. If you are suffering from such problem, the sugary substances and food can be main reason behind it. This will be the time for you to avoid such food and drinks completely. Tooth erosion can be one of the reasons behind it. The acidic food is main reasons for the same. You need to avoid those food items that are acidic in nature. Even it will be suggested to reduce the amount of acid that comes in contact with your teeth.

If you are consuming any form of acid drink, it will be the time for you to drink them instantly. Do not ever hold it in your mouth beside your teeth for a long time.


Best mouth fresheners

Only brushing teeth will not be enough for you have the problem of tooth and mouth stinks. Mouthwash will be one among the important remedies.  The aim of the chemical in the mouthwash will be to completely kill the bacteria that have attacked your mouth. If you find the home remedies are not effective in this regard, it will be the time for you to see a dentist immediately. There are various clinical trials that have been performed to prove effectiveness of some ingredients for your teeth. It is the time for you to try it once.