Home remedies to treat bleeding gums

Bleeding gums are general problems too many people all walks of life. It is caused due to several reasons and can be cured with many tips. Bleeding gums and the inflammation around the tooth represents the gingivitis. It is the starting stage of gums diseases. When it is not treated at this stage, it becomes worst and leads to complicated gum diseases.

Hydrgen Peroxide and Zinc Lozenges

Best tips to stop bleeding gums

We all have heard that rinsing your mouth from salt water and saline solution is key in fixing gum problems. However, mixing an ample amount of Hydrogen Peroxide maintains the gum tissues health and whitens the teeth. Likewise, consumption of any form of Zinc Lozanges maintains the overall bacterial balance in the mouth and avoids growth of bacteria and plaque.


Calendula juice used as a mouthwash is effective in curing bleeding gums and reducing dental plaque, gingivitis and is one of the most healing antiviral herbs for dental care and is often used by dental care units in the form of tea to heal and soothe sensitive gums.

Vitamin A and Vitamin K

It has been scientifically proven that Vitamin C helps strengthen the gums and soft tissues of teeth as well as protects it from Gingivitis. Apart from this, other vitamins also play a key role when it comes for protecting gums. Vitamin A keeps the mucous membranes of the teeth healthy and prevents a dry mouth whereas Vitamin K acts as shield by blocking substances breaking down the bone value and also produces Osteocalcin proteins that strengthens bone value of the teeth.

Yarrow Powder and Yerba Mansa

Yarrow Powder is extracted from Yarrow leaves and it helps relieving bleeding gums and receding it. It heals excessive mouth sores caused by harsh cleaning whereas Yerba Mansa leaf is an herb that prevents plaque and is considered good for gum recession.

Green tea

According to various surveys, it has been found that consumption of Green Tea is healthier for gums as it contains antioxidants and other properties that prevents cavities because it controls bacteria and lowers the acidity of saliva and dental plaque.

Bleeding Gums and bad Oral health

These are mainly caused by extreme stress levels and smoking habits.

Citrus fruit

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Gum problems may arises due to the deficiency of the vitamin C. So if you find the problem is due to because of lack of vitamin C, then eat the fruits and vegetables. Get it from lemon, oranges, blueberries, raspberries, broccoli and cabbage. Consume high amounts of vitamin C. You can also get it from the health supplement consisting of vitamin C.


If you don’t have the problem with milk to consume, then try to have milk because it  is the best source to find vitamin C. However, the fatty content may sticks in your gums, which is not good for healthy gums. SO brush them after drinking milk. Dentists even suggest the people to not drink milk before going bed, drink at least before an hour.

Clove oil

Clove oil is a good treatment for the bleeding gums and other tooth problems. Rub a bit of oil over the teeth with the help of a q-tip. Alternatively, chew a piece of glove and let it ooze the liquid into mouth. Though it gives you burning sensation, it works great.

Gargling with salt

It is the best and easy tip to follow in the home, take a table spoon of rock salt and dilute in a glass of water. Now gargle the water and get the relief, repeat it for three times a day.

Baking soda

Take your brush, dip in the baking soda powder and brush it as you do it normally. Mixing the baking soda in water and gargling will also yields the equal results.

Saline solution

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Rinse your mouth with saline solution in the morning and evening, it enhances the blood circulation and tends to reduce swelling.

Raw vegetables

Yet another way to improve the blood circulation is by eating the raw veggies. With the increase of blood circulation, gum problems will be reduced gradually. So eat them to improve your overall health and for healthy gums.

Check your tooth paste

Next time when you are going to buy your tooth paste and mouth wash, check the label to contain sage oil, peppermint oil or chamomile tincture, which helps for healthy gums.


Honey is the storehouse of antibacterial properties, minerals and vitamins. Rubbing the organic honey or manuka honey to the gums for two times in a day will help to achieve healthy gums.


If you find your gums red and sore, then it is the cause of gingivitis. Gargling the water that is dissolved with alum works ideal in reducing the redness of gums.

Aloe vera

The natural healing properties of aloe vera works against gingivitis related problems. It reduces inflammation and kills bacteria responsible for gingivitis. Separate the gel from aloe vera and massage over the gums.

Eat a healthier diet

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Your oral health and prevention of bleeding gums can be done by the improvement of your diet. Your gums get the necessary nutrients with the help of a diet comprising whole foods like fruits and vegetables. Your gums will not stay healthy and get the necessary nutrients if your diet contains deficient of nutrients, sugary foods like candy, soda and refined breads. In an article written on Dr. Oz Show blog suggests that the state of your gums can be improved by increasing the amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium in your diet.

Improve your dental care routine

At home only if you start taking good care of your mouth then it can prevent bleeding gums. Bacteria which inflame your gums can be removed by regular brushing and flossing. Usage of proper devices for brushing can improve your mouth’s overall health and will also prevent early gum disease. Your gums can be damaged by the use of a medium- or firm-bristled toothbrush as too much pressure is applied while brushing, instead use a soft-bristled brush like Colgate 360° toothbrush. For effectively brushing the teeth and gum line gently brush with short strokes.


Gum bleeding can be caused if you are always working on the go or up against a deadline then the high level of stress in your life. Your oral health can be affected by high level of stress in many ways. Bleeding gums can be caused by the increase of inflammation in your body due to high stress. The function of your immune system may decrease due to stress leading to the body not being able to fight infection and to heal properly.

The Journal of Periodontology published a 2006 study where it was found that women suffer from high level of gums inflammation and increase in the levels of plaque buildup due depression related to stress. You will also not be able to take good care of yourself due to stress. That means skipping of brushing or flossing or consuming fast food instead of food with necessary nutrients. You can reduce stress by saying no to excess projects at your workplace and also by breathing in and out for a few minutes when you start feeling overwhelmed.

Quit smoking

Smoking is not at all good for your health. As per the American Academy of Period ontology smoking not only increases the risk of some particular cancers and heart disease but also have a big role gum diseases development. Toxins of the smoke of the tobacco prevent your gums from getting proper nutrition and can also cause inflammation. It can be tough to quit smoking but is important for protecting your oral and overall health.

Stop sharing

Gum diseases and bleeding are contagious. The risk of you having problems related to gum can increase if your partner has huge amount of bacteria inside his or her mouth. Try not to share anything that comes in contact with somebody else’s mouth. Go to your dentist for regular examination and cleaning of teeth to prevent bleeding of gums and so that gum related diseases does not become a huge problem. In case you haven’t went to your dentist for a while and noticed blood while brushing instantly make an appointment. Diagnosing the issue and doing changes which are necessary can improve your oral health.