How to prevent dehydration during summer?

While you have found that you are sweating all the time, it is better to take precautionary measures. If the temperature and humidity level is high, your sweat won’t get evaporated naturally. At this time, your body also needs high amount of water and fluid.

As your body starts losing much fluid on the summer day, you will face dehydration problem. Moreover, it also results in the reduction of salts and minerals.

Drink more water

How to prevent dehydration in kids during summer

This is the most common way of preventing dehydration. The amount of sweat, produced by your body, reaches the highest level on the scorching summer days. Most of the nutritionists and dietitians say that it is always essential to drink minimum five to eight glasses of clean water everyday. However, the fluid requirement of every person will vary due to several factors, like weight, physical workouts and height.

Never consume diuretics

Diuretics are those foods, which increase the production of urine. On the summer season, it is better to keep away from these drinks and foods. Chocolate and coffee are the common diuretics, and you may try not to purchase them on the hot days.

Spicy and peppery foodstuffs are never good

Many of us get attracted to the spicy menu in the restaurant. However, these foods cause various health issues, like acidity by increasing your body temperature. Thus, you will lose more fluids due to the consumption of these foods. There are many clinicians, who think that this type of foods gives a cool feeling by balancing the temperature.

Spend more time in indoor area

While you are too much concerned on dehydration, you can better stay at your home. It helps you to control sweating. You may do your workouts in your own room without stepping out of your house.

Eat foods, full of potassium

Methods to stay hydrated in summer

Fluid loss is not the only issue, caused for dehydration. This condition also affects the presence of electrolytes in your body. Pineapples, potatoes, coconuts and mangoes- these are common fruits and veggies, containing potassium. These fruits are easily digestible and have higher percentage of salt.

Alcohol, caffeine and cigarette – Never touch them on the summer days

Though we feel refreshed while drinking cool cocktail, it is not good to our body. Alcohol increases the level of dehydration, affecting your liver and cells. You must also avoid all other beverages, containing caffeine. In addition to it, cigars also dehydrate the cells of your throat. Thus, all the smokers have to stay away from their cigarette packs.

Put on loose light-colored clothes

We know that the dark colors have high heat absorption capacity, and thus, they cause more sweating. In addition to it, the tight fitted outfits also prevent your body from getting cooled. Thus, choose the light shaded dresses, while you need to go to any outdoor site. Cotton dresses are the best choices to you.

Apart from all the above precautions, you have to keep the rooms cool simply by using curtains. During nighttime, you must keep the windows opened. The best way to test out your hydration is to see your urine color. The clear urine states that the hydration is in the right state. However, the yellow colored urine denotes that you have to drink more fluids. To have cool feeling, you may also wear hats as a unique fashion for summer season. A hat with wider beams gives you the best solution and prevents the sun rays from striking your facial part. To protect the lips, you can use balms that block the hot rays. It is best to speak to the professionals to get more tips on maintaining the hydration. Stay fresh all the time and keep up your health on the summer days.