How to stop drinking alcohol with herbs

Addiction to alcohol can ruin your health as well as your relationships. Often alcohol addiction starts as a fun and entertainment but slowly it grabs you and you are not anymore able to leave it easily even if you wish to. Alcohol can ruin your health in the worst possible way and can even lead to death in severe cases through organ damage. In addition to that, alcoholism can also affect your ability to focus on work which is again sure to affect your life negatively. Often alcoholics become abusive which is sure to lead to relationship issues.

It might be really easy to start up the habit of drinking, but quitting it is quite difficult. However, it is not impossible. If you really want to quit drinking, know for sure nothing can hold you back and at the same time, if you don’t want to quit it, no one can ever make you stay away from it. So, while your own will is of utmost importance for quitting alcohol, there are also treatments that can help you to achieve your goal.

There are a bunch of medications that can be used for quitting alcohol but if you are not interested about taking the medicines, opting for the herbal remedies can be an effective way. There are a number of herbs that are known to offer benefits in stopping alcohol consumption. While these herbs are believed to be highly helpful to serve the purpose, their efficiency can always vary from person to person. These herbs basically help in reducing the cravings for alcohol, which can be helpful to quit the habit. This article will inform you about the most common herbs that are known for suppressing alcohol cravings effectively and also helps in fighting the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Some of these herbs also help the body to get back to its normal condition quickly, through their healing properties.


How to quit alcohol with medication

When it comes to herbs for controlling alcohol cravings, the name of Kudzu, an ancient Chinese herb comes at the top as it is known for being used in treating alcohol cravings as well as the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol since centuries. The part of the herb that is used for the treatment is actually the starchy root tubers of the plant. The tubers of these wild vines contain a particular chemical known as daidzin, which is highly effective in curing alcohol cravings. In fact, this compound is currently used in a number of medications formulated for controlling alcohol cravings and the withdrawal symptoms like headache, nausea, lack of focus and irritability. Kudzu is best taken as herbal tea or one can also consume the kudzu roots to get its effects. The amount to be used for effective results can vary from person to person.

Milk thistle

It is the other herb that has been used in treating a number of physical ailments related to alcohol cravings and withdrawal symptoms, for centuries. This herb has strong detoxification abilities and can help in better functioning of the liver, propelling the natural detoxification process of the body. Milk thistle helps the body to function better by removing the toxins which can be effective to control the cravings for alcohol and also the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. The active ingredient present in milk thistle is silymarin and this compound has the ability to quicken up the natural detoxification process of the body, through healing the liver, which in its turn reduces the cravings and the withdrawal symptoms.

St. John’s Wort

This herb has effective antidepressant properties. The active ingredient present in this herb can treat depression efficiently, which can be really helpful for reducing cravings for alcohol and as it treats depression, it helps to fight with the withdrawal symptoms making it much easier to quit the habit. The active chemical present in this herb is hyperforin, which is found as the pigment in its flowers. So, having the flower extracts of St. John’s Wort can be actually effective to quit drinking. It can also be used for treating mild to moderate depression effectively, even if the person is not having an alcohol problem.


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Angelica is known for its detoxifying properties. This herb can effectively help in washing out the toxins from the body, which naturally helps in controlling the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. In addition to that, the active ingredients of this herb also work on the dopamine receptors of the brain making alcohol taste bitter, which can be very useful in creating alcohol dislike. The antihistamine properties of the herb help even the compulsive drinkers through its calming effects on the mind and the body. This herb is also being used in a number of ayurvedic medicines for detoxifying the body and also to control alcohol cravings.


Dandelion is a common herb which is known for its detoxifying as well as alcohol craving negating properties. This herb can be highly helpful to treat alcohol dependencies and through its detoxifying effect on the body it also helps in comforting the body from the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Dandelion roots can be consumed as herbal tea or dandelion extracts can also be taken in particular dosage along with hot water to stop the craving for alcohol.

Evening primrose

Evening primrose is a natural herbal remedy for treating alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Treating the alcohol withdrawal symptoms efficiently can be highly helpful to reduce alcohol cravings and also the dependencies on alcohol. The extracts of the seeds of the evening primrose aids in the digestive process which promotes overall well being. In addition to that, the extracts of the seeds of this herb can help in rebalancing the intestinal ecosystem of the person, making it much easier to live without alcohol. It flushes out the toxins from the body and promotes overall better health.


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Chamomile has a calming effect on the body and mind. It helps in relaxing the mind and can be highly effective to treat the alcohol withdrawal symptoms like irritability and lack of focus. The extracts of this herb can be helpful to reduce cravings of alcohol and as it cures some of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal or at least reduces their impact on the body and mind, hence can be effectively used for treating alcoholism and can make it much easier to quit the addiction.


This herb has a truly bitter taste and if you have it, you are sure to lose any appetite for having a drink. It reduces the alcohol cravings through its active compounds and can be an ideal herbal remedy to kill your urges of drinking more. This herbal remedy is also effective in killing the bacteria in your intestine which can make you crave more for alcohol. So, this herbal remedy can be actually effective in quitting alcohol.


Ginseng roots are also believed to be effective in controlling the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol and as it helps in flushing out the toxins from the body, helping the body to get back to normal, hence naturally it reduces the cravings of the body for alcohol. These roots effectively heal the damages caused due to alcohol consumption and help one to quit it completely. So, if you are trying to cope with the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol or you are fighting the strong urge to have a peg, the extracts of this root, or the herbal tea made from these roots can be effective to stop the cravings.


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Skullcap can fight efficiently with some of the alcohol withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, irritability and lack of focus. It calms the mind and the senses helping you to fight with the alcohol cravings and also the withdrawal symptoms.

Passion flower

These sweet and colorful flowers are known for their detoxifying effects on the body. It helps in getting rid of the toxins and also helps in bringing the body back to its normal stage. The extracts of this flower are also known for the calming effects and can be helpful for treating anxiety which is a common withdrawal symptom of alcohol.

While all the herbal remedies mentioned above can be effective to help you fight with the alcohol cravings and the withdrawal symptoms, they are not a one stop fix for the problem. These herbs can only make the process of quitting alcohol much easier for you, but it is you who has to make the decision and stick to it.