How to remove tan with castor oil? / Fairness with castor oil

This oil has been used for ages now for the wonderful effects it has on the skin, body, and hair. It can treat every ailment the skin is suffering from and restore it’s radiant and glowing skin. Castor oil works as a moisturizer and keeps the skin hydrated, soft and supple. It erases every sign of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and crows feet. Castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties which helps the skin to fight against the harmful rays of the sun.

Why Castor oil for skin whitening and removal of suntan?

Beauty tips for fair skin

It can treat acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Castor oil has fatty acids present in it, which penetrates deep within the skin and helps to clean all the impurities by leaving behind a clean, glowing and fresh skin.

  • It stops the occurrence of acne. The harmful Bacterias, toxins, impurities, dirt and dead skin cells clog the pores causing the breakout of pimples, acne, blackheads and whiteheads. Castor oil removes every factor that can cause these outbreaks.
  • Castor oil nourishes the skin and keeps it away from dry patches. Your skin starts to look radiant and glamorous.
  • The dark spots, hyper-pigmentation and signs of aging can be removed by the use of Castor oil.
  • No more blemishes. If you want a skin that is free from every blemish, marks and spots then you have to use castor oil. It improves the health of your skin and gives it a radiant look.

Castor oil and the ways it can be used to get a fairer skin

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Ways you can use Castor oil for removing suntan and getting a fairer skin tone.

Those who wish to have a complexion that is radiant and flawless, need to remember that it needs a little effort. You will look mesmerizing when you add castor oil in your daily beauty regime. With no more use of chemical products it is now time for castor oil to work its charm.

Mask made of Castor oil and Egg

Castor will help to retain the natural moisture of your skin and hydrate it from deep inside. The use of an egg will retain the elasticity of your skin and also stimulate the growth of collagen production. It will keep your skin firm and tight. Whisk an egg yolk with a tablespoon of Castor oil. Apply a thin layer of this mask on your face by continuously massaging it in upward direction and in circular motion. Continue this for ten minutes and leave it for half an hour. Using lukewarm water wash it off. Do this two to three times a week for best results.

Castor oil and Banana face pack

Tan face packs with banana

Castor oil will help to get rid of the impurities that clog your pores with its antioxidant properties. Bananas will work wonders to restore the tone, texture and glow of the skin. Perfect for every skin especially for dry and sensitive. Mix one ripe banana, half a tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of Castor oil together. Apply this face pack on your pre-washed neck and face. After half an hour wash with cold water. Do this once every week to see positive results.

Castor oil and Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) face pack

In order to get lighter and soft skin Multani Mitti is the best ingredient. This face pack will help to improve the tone of your skin and erase the blemishes and marks. Multani Mitti has the power to maintain the sebum production and absorbs the excessive oil from the face. On the other hand castor oil will take care of your skin and prevent it from any damage. Mix a tablespoon each of Castor oil and Multani Mitti in a bowl. Form a smooth paste and apply it all over your face and neck. After half an hour wash it off. If your face feels dry, apply a little moisturizer. To get best results apply it twice a week.

Castor oil and Oats

Within a matter of days you will get radiant and flawless skin, if you use castor oil with oats. Oats has the power to absorb impurities from your face. All your skin problems will be gone when you use this pack on a regular basis. Mix equal quantities of oats and castor oil in a bowl and mix well. Apply this on your face and neck by gently scrubbing your skin in circular and upward direction. Do this for ten minutes and then leave it for another fifteen minutes. Wash off with cold water. Pat dry and apply a natural moisturizer.

Do this twice a week.

Castor oil and Clay

Clay will help to tighten your skin and make it more firm. It helps to clean the pores from deep and the problems of pigmentation will be gone too. The collagen production will be increased on regular application of this mask. Mix two tablespoons of face clay with one tablespoon of milk powder and a tablespoon of Castor oil. Apply this thick paste on your face. After half an hour wash it off.

Castor oil and Lemon juice

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Lemon is a powerful bleaching agent. It has anti-bacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Lemon juice kills the bacterias that cause different skin anomalies. It also lightens the marks, spots, blemishes and suntan present on the skin. To whiten the skin using lemon juice with castor oil is the best way to go. Mix a tablespoon of Castor oil and lemon juice together. Massage your skin slowly with this mixture. Do this before you go to sleep and in the morning you can wash it off with cold water.

Castor oil and Yogurt face pack

Yogurt will help to give your skin a supple, soft and glowing look. The texture of your skin will be improved too. Mix one tablespoon each of Castor oil and Yogurt together in a bowl. For extra radiance add rose water(three to four drops). Apply a thin layer of this paste on your neck and face. Let it rest for half an hour and then wash it off. Do this thrice a week.

Benefits of Castor oil and Almond oil

The combination of these two oils will nourish your skin and give your skin a soft glow. You will have flawless and radiance complexion too. Mix one tablespoon each of Castor oil and almond oil. Make sure you add rose water(a few drops). Massage your skin with this mixture and go to sleep. Wash your face in the morning to enjoy a soft and radiant skin. Apply a moisturizer on your skin afterwards.

Scrub made of Castor oil and Sugar

Sugar has great exfoliating properties. It removes the dirt, dead skin cells and other impurities from the pores of the skin. The problems of acne, pimples and other skin problems will be gone too. Mix two tablespoons of granulated sugar with a teaspoon of Castor oil. Scrub your face with this mixture gently in an upward direction and do this for five minutes.

Castor oil and Avocado

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This mixture helps to treat your dull and dry skin. Your skin will also get over the marks, pigments, wrinkles and leave behind a supple, soft and glowing skin. Sun tan will be gone too. Mash an entire, ripe avocado and mix it with a tablespoon of Castor oil. Apply it on your face and leave it for a minimum of half an hour. While you’re washing the mask off make sure you gently massage your skin in circular motion. Do this two to three times a week and enjoy the benefits of glowing skin.

Castor oil and Carrot

Apart from the fact that carrots provide the needed nourishment to your skin, it also lightens, brightens and tightens the skin giving it a younger look. Peel a carrot and boil it in water. Once it has become soft, grind it in a mixer to form a paste. Add a tablespoon of Castor oil and two teaspoons of lemon juice. Mix well and form a paste. Keep this paste on your neck and face for half an hour. Wash with cold water. Doing this once every week will be enough to get a radiant skin.

Your skin needs the care and nourishment it has been lacking for so long. We believe the chemically laden products in the market will do more harm to your skin than you can imagine. Switch to natural and healthy ways to get a glowing, young and beautiful face.