How to get rid of bumps on arms?

Little bumps on the skin of arms is not a very uncommon thing, the official name of this condition is Keratosis Pilaris. These bumps can appear not only on the arms, but also on the thighs, back or even on the face. It is a skin disorder that affects around 50-80% of all the adolescent population and around 40% of the adults. This condition is more common in people with sensitive and dry skin. 50% of people who suffer from this condition have a family history of the same. Keratosis Pilaris has a few different forms that vary in the color of the bumps and also in the size. This is not a serious skin condition and usually it is not painful in any form. However, the rough skin caused due to this condition can actually look unsightly. First let us take a look at what it is exactly and why it affects some of the people, and then we will move on to the treatment.

What is keratosis pilaris – the small bumps on arms?

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Keratosis Pilaris which is also commonly known as Chicken Skin is caused by buildup of the protein keratin in the hair follicles, which plugs the follicles resulting into small bumps on the skin. Keratin is the same protein that makes the hairs and hence the presence of keratin in the hair follicles is normal. However, due to some unknown reasons, which might be genetical, this protein can result into over buildup in the follicles causing the small bumps. The condition is not painful and is hardly associated with itching.

In many people, this condition arises in childhood and goes off on its own with age. However, on the other hand, this condition can also arise suddenly in an adult. If you have these bumps only on your hands, you might suddenly notice the same erupting on other parts of the body as well, like the thighs, back or even buttocks. In many women this condition appears during puberty or pregnancy and is cured naturally after the phase has passed. The problem with Keratosis Pilaris is that there are no direct medical treatments to cure the condition.

However, bunch of home remedies as well as topical application of medications that support skin exfoliation, might be highly helpful to reduce the appearance of these bumps and can also result into cure with time. Use of laser treatments is also suggested at times by the dermatologists for quick removal of these bumps. But the point to note is that even in case Keratosis Pilaris has been cured once, there is always a chance of the same to come back sooner or later. So, in case you have this skin condition, it is better that you take continuous care of the skin of the area in the right way so that the appearance of these bumps is always in check.

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Some of the most effective home remedies to treat and to get rid of the bumps on arms have been discussed below. You can try out any or some of these treatments to get best results. However, when you are opting for skin friendly home remedies it is important that you follow the treatment religiously for quite a long span of time to get effective results. In case, any of these home treatments seem not to work on your skin even after regular use for a prolonged period of time, it is best to consult a skin specialist and to opt for medicated creams to get rid of the condition.

The best remedies to get rid of bumps on the arms include,

Coconut oil for getting rid of the bumps on the arms

Coconut oil is an excellent natural moisturizer with short chain fatty acids that can easily penetrate into the skin and nourish from deep within. By using coconut oil on the area affected with Keratosis Pilaris you can get a lot of improvements. Often skin dryness is associated with this condition, and the dryness only aggravates the bumps. To get the best effects of the coconut oil treatment, it is best to opt for slightly heated coconut oil. However, make sure that the temperature of the oil is comfortable on the skin.

Take extra virgin coconut oil in a heated pan and automatically the oil will absorb some of the heat. Now massage this coconut oil on the affected area of the skin for 2-3 minutes at least 1 hour before bed time and then leave on. Soak up the excess oil with a cotton cloth before going to bed and wash off with water only in the morning. This treatment can actually be effective to control the condition.

Yogurt to recue from small bumps on the arms

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Yogurt can be another very effective home remedy to get rid of the small bumps on arms, even if it is not able to cure the condition completely, it is sure to show some visible improvements with regular use. Yogurt has skin moisturizing properties which help in preventing the skin dryness that can aggravate the small bumps on the arms. Apart from that, yogurt also contains lactic acid which is a natural form of alpha hydroxyl acid and can be very effective to remove the extra keratin from the hair follicles.

Take 2 spoons of yogurt and massage it lightly on the affected skin for 1 minute and then coat the skin with yogurt, 15 minutes before taking your bath. Simply wash off the yogurt with water during bath but do not use soap, cleanser or scrubber on the area.

Apple Cider Vinegar for getting rid of the small bumps on arms

Apple Cider Vinegar has a mildly acidic nature which can be helpful to adjust the natural pH of the skin. ACV also has astringent properties which can be effective in unclogging the pores from excess keratin. You can take the ACV treatment once daily before taking your bath.

Take 2 caps of ACV and mix it with equal parts of water. Now soak a cotton ball in this solution and dab it on the affected area of the skin. Keep in mind that you should not rub your skin with the solution. After you have dabbed the solution, let it set for 10 minutes and then wash off during your bath. Do not use a cleanser or scrubber on the skin after using ACV.

Baking soda for getting rid of small bumps on the arms

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Baking soda is often considered as an effective ingredient to get rid of the small bumps on the arms. Though it can be actually effective to exfoliate the skin, helping in unclogging the pores, it can also be highly drying for the skin. So, it is best suggested to not to use this treatment more than twice or thrice in a week and always follow with a moisturizer.

Make a soft paste of baking soda by mixing it with sufficient warm water. Now use this paste to scrub the skin of the area lightly and then coat the area with the paste. Leave on for 10 minutes and then wash off thoroughly before following with a moisturizer.

Egg yolk to treat small bumps on the skin

Egg yolk can be a highly effective treatment to get rid of the small bumps on the skin. As already mentioned, the reason behind keratosis pilaris is clogged pores and egg yolks being high in Vitamin A content can be actually effective to exfoliate the skin from deep within, helping in unclogging the pores.

To get this treatment, take the yolk of an egg and whip it. You need to wet the affected area of the skin with water and then apply 2-3 coats of the yolk on the area. Let it set for 10-15 minutes and then wash off with plenty of water. Try not to use a cleanser at least for the next 1 hour. You can take this treatment everyday to get the best results.

Fish oil to get rid of the small bumps on the arms

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Fishes like Tuna, Salmon and Mackerel contains high amount of Omega-3-fatty acids which can be very helpful to nourish your skin from within helping in getting rid of conditions like Chicken Skin. In addition to that these fishes are also high in uric acid content which might be helpful for invigorating the natural exfoliation process of the skin, helping in getting rid of the skin bumps.
Apart from including these cold water fishes in your daily diet, you can also opt for Fish oil supplements to get the best results. Massaging fish oil on the skin of the affected area can also be very helpful, if you are not worried about the stinky smell.

Calendula oil for curing red bumps on arms

Calendula is a herb that is known not only for its beautiful flowers but also for its natural medicinal properties. Calendula oil has great anti-inflammatory properties as well as vulnerary action which can be actually helpful to cure skin conditions like Keratosis Pilaris. The oil also acts as a great skin moisturizer ensuring that the appearance of the bumps is not aggravated due to dryness.

To get the best benefits of calendula oil for getting rid of this skin condition all you need to do is to massage the oil on the affected area of the skin for 2-3 minutes and then leave on at least for 2-3 hours before washing off with water.