How to remove dark circles due to spectacles/specs

With continuous usage of spectacles, we tend to create dark lines under our eyes. These create puffiness in that area and make the overall face look dull. The first thing to do to prevent this condition is to choose a frame which will be comfortable to carry and will not create these dark lines. You might not realize, but nose pads do play an important part in preventing this condition.

Nose pads are ideally made with soft plastic and are quite comfortable to carry. They are not supposed to be too tight or loose. To quickly figure out that the nose pads are too tight for you, you have to detect the marks on either or both sides of the bridge of your nose.

At times, heavy frames are known to get you headaches and tiredness. Your eyes can feel that and it eventually creates dark marks. Try to consider the distance between eyes and thickness of the bridge on your nose. These are essential aspects to note while choosing the perfect pair of spectacles for anybody. These determine possibilities of headaches, nose pain, teary eyes, etc.


How to remove dark circles naturally

We have listed down some tips which will help you manage and prevent conditions of under eye circle due to spectacles:

  • makeup is ideal when you need the quickest hack to get rid of those circles. makeup comes to the rescue and swiftly hides those dull marks. You need to make sure that you moisturize the zone very well with gel or cream and then move your fingers to smooth dots if any. Concealers are best hacks to save you for sometime!
  • Contact lenses are quite popular and suggested now days. You can keep contact lenses so that you don’t have to carry spectacles all the time. There is a huge variety to choose from and they are anything from flexible plastics to RGP lenses. Make sure you take care of the lenses so that they last longer and have no side effects.
  • Try and choose fitting glasses which are thin and has light weight. Thick lenses trigger pigmented marks a little more.
  • Wash you spectacles daily with an antibacterial soap and keep that soap only for this. Bacterial build-up right cause redness and pigmentation of skin. This remedy also keeps the spectacles clean.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water.
  • You should take off the spectacles from time to time so that your nose is at rest. It is good to give yourself a massage with fingertips.
  • Always keep the zone moisturized for preventing dullness.

Natural remedies to remove dark circles due to spectacles

Let us read through some easy home remedies which can be prepared and applied fast. These work effectively in reducing those under eye circle, and they don’t take much time and money. You have to keep on repeating these for sometime to get optimum result.

Honey for dark circles

  • Potatoes: potatoes are perfect for this condition and that is one ingredient we always have at home. Peel one raw potato and then grate it well. Add some pure rose water to it and make a smooth paste. You can also add lemon extract or pure honey for improving effect of the remedy. Apply the mix and let it sink in. Wash with water after 15 minutes and repeat regularly. Potatoes have bleaching properties which will reduce dark circles.
  • Aloe vera: aloe vera has numerous beauty benefits and it does contribute here too. Cut a fresh aloe vera leaf and then squeeze out the jelly. Apply it to the zone and let is sit for 30 minutes. Wash it off with water and see difference.
  • Lemon: you can take a fresh lemon, squeeze out the juice and then add some pure rose water to dilute the astringent. Apply the mix on your face and let it sit for 15 minutes. Repeat it daily and watch the marks reduce. Lemon lightens skin and makes the face look natural. They citrus essence makes it work faster.
  • Orange peel: rather than throwing away through healthy peels of orange, make some use of them and use the cost more effective. Grind dried orange and then add almond oil. Make a paste with both and then apply to the darkened zone. Let it dry out after which you can wash it with cold water. Almond oil includes vitamin E which nourishes the skin while orange peel lightens your face.
  • Cucumber: take a fresh cucumber and cut it into thick slices. Add them to the refrigerator for chilling them. Take them out and then apply it to the affected area. Let it sit for sometime and see the difference once you dab your face with a towel.
  • Honey: it is known to moisture skin really well but mixing milk, honey and oats can give you an effective remedy. The combination turns out to be pretty epic and it is known to reduce the spectacle marks instantly. Although, it will take several appliances to reduce completely.
  • Apple cider vinegar: the most important aspect about using this element is that they have to be bought of right correct quality! You need to get pure and good quality apple cider vinegar and then mix it with water to dilute. Take cotton balls and apply on the affected area and watch the marks fade away with little time.
  • Almond oil: You can apply almond oil and leave it overnight. Just make sure that it is of pure and rich form and that you are consistent with the appliance. Apply it every night till you get results.
  • Rose water: it happens to be one of the blessed beauty enhancer that we have! Add rose water with vinegar and then apply on the dark circles. The marks will reduce soon and make your face suppler.