How to remove split ends with candle

Women love to have long tresses, but the maintenance factor becomes questionable. Trying to maintain healthy and long hair is quite a deal because of the common split end problem that we all face. There are numerous remedies to reduce split ends and they are pretty effective too. But the latest trend has made women awe all over the world. The trend originates from Brazil and is known as velaterapia.

It includes candle to burn your hair and heal split ends! If you are freaking out already, you’d be glad to know that it actually works. Although, it is very important to have a specialized stylist do it for you.

Women who got to know about this treatment thought that it is actually about the wax of the candle working on your hair, but the real deal is to control the flame on your strands! This isn’t a recommended for the DIY process because it needs trained skill and proper techniques.

Best hair packs for hair split ends

The best results can be obtained on dry and straight hair, which have been sectioned in thin sections. If they create thicker sections, it becomes difficult to detect and treat the split ends. Once the hair has been divided, all the sections are twisted. The stylist uses her technique to run the flames over the split ends which usually stick out. They have to be very careful since only the damaged strands are supposed to be treated. This is where it differentiates a regular person from doing it for you and someone skilled do it. It can affect your hair permanently and deteriorate the condition.

Once the burning process is complete, the stylist will wash your hair. Your hair will be deeply conditioned. Due to intense heat you hair open the cuticles and that lets you add nutrients to it. It can easily suck up the conditioning and seal it in. The mask will be then followed with a cold rinse which closes the cuticles and makes the hair grow faster. Once you’ve blown the split ends, they will be nicely trimmed by the stylist.

It is important to note that the burnt hair is going to create a smell. It is a strong odor which lasts really long. The smell comes out due to the keratin and sulfur content on our hair. The smell of burnt hair sticks around for a while and a lot of women refuse to do this treatment for that reason. It is also very important to let your stylist tell you, if you hair can withstand the treatment.

This type of treatment is usually recommended to women who have treated her hair before. If you have had your hair highlighted, heated, etc. and your hair has gone through all that is needed to look stylish. It is best for women who don’t want to cut their hair for split ends!