Is jojoba oil helps for hair growth?

The oil derived from the evergreen jojoba tree of South America (Simmondsia Chinensis) is seemingly custom made for hairs. Its molecular structure is strikingly similar to sebum and so the oil blends easily with the scalp. You must be already aware of the usual hair care treatments with Jojoba such as mixing it with slightly warm coconut, almond, or olive oil and use as a scalp moisturizer.

It is also well-known that jojoba oil is anti-bacterial and fungicidal, so it can be used for treating hair scalp infections.

Jojoba oil which is indeed a wax derived from the jojoba plant seeds. It is known for its effective action on the sensitive skin, apart from that the beauty benefits of jojoba oil are lot more. The regular usage of jojoba oil works intended for the growth of the hair what it makes much more special is that its behavior of no side effects.

The scientific name of jojoba oil is Simmondsia Chinensis. Though it is found in Mexico, California and Arizona it’s wonderful benefits are wide spread to world. At the time of killing whales became illegal, the greatness of jojoba oil came into reality.

Let us see how jojoba oil is used for the hair growth

Moisturizes our scalp and promotes hair growth

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For the perfect hair growth production of sebum oil from the sebaceous glands must be in a proper way. Sebum helps your hair growth by stimulating hair follicles. Insufficient amount of sebum leads to dry and brittle hair that is more prone to fall out and split ends. So, use jojoba oil to retain your scalp healthy and moisturized.

Mix equal amounts of jojoba oil with coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil and heat the mixture for few minutes. Let it come down from the hot temperature and use it on your scalp for hot oil massage.  Do it in a regular way to note the results.

Works as scalp cleanser

Not just the deficiency of sebum tracks your hair wrong path but even the excess production has certain side effects too. More outcome of sebum clogs your hair follicles and restricts hair growth. Jojoba oil flushes out the excess sebum oil and controls the blockage of hair follicles.  A hot oil massage can help your scalp from the production of additional sebum output.

Fights with germs and fungal infections

Buildup of bacteria and other fungal infections on the scalp decreases the normal hair growth. One don’t get any hint though arrested with infections on the scalp, which it gradually leads to damage of hair follicles and hair fall out. If you are facing such conditions then jojoba oil is your best friend that helps to fight with the germs, infections and other bacterial build up making your scalp prone to damage and unclean. Massage some amount of jojoba oil on your scalp for few minutes and leave it for an hour or two before rinsing off with the lukewarm water. This massage also improves the blood circulation of the scalp.

If the problem is split ends and rough hair ends, apply a dab of jojoba oil to the affected areas and leave it for an hour or more than that before rinsing off with normal water. Jojoba oil also treats rough hair with its moisturizing properties. Mix it with your general conditioner and use it in a regular way to flaunt luster on your hair.

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These are healthy hair benefits of using jojoba oil. Follow them and get the look that you wish for.

Besides these, there are a few other amazing benefits of jojoba oil. Look up the points here to know your jojoba!

  1. Reduces hygral fatigue: Have you heard of hygral fatigue before? You may not have heard it, but you have surely experienced it! It is nothing but the roughness left in your hair after you dry the wet hairs. In fact, this fatigue is one of the major causes of hair fall. As jojoba oil hydrates the hair at the core up to its shaft, the internal moisturizing action prevents hair fall during drying. 
  1. Use as conditioner: You can actually use it as a conditioner with your herbal shampoo to add elasticity, shine, and softness to the hair. Moreover, the internal hydration of jojoba adds volume to thin hair. The point is that if you have hair fall problem, Jojoba oil can definitely work for you. One of the best ways to use Jojoba as a conditioner is to two parts of the oil with one parts cocoa butter and one parts water. 
  1. No split ends: This amazing oil is also an emollient. This means that it mends the cracks and breaks on the body of the hair. Regular application of Jojoba oil can help as a cure for hairs with split ends. Often times, heat application on hair during styling and drying can cause them to weaken. Try to keep heat application to a minimum and apply a light massage of jojoba along with it. Use the conditioner for about two minutes after shampooing before you rinse it.
  1. Strengthens the follicle: Jojoba oil is composed of 2% saturated fats and 98% monounsaturated fats. Due to this simple structure, the oil can penetrate the hair down to its follicle. The deep strengthening it offers keeps your hair firmly in place. Massage it to the scalp when you want to strengthen the follicle and comb the hair (without touching the roots) when you want it for the shine.

With all these benefits at hand, you must be thinking of using jojoba oil everyday! It is a good idea, but whether it is good for you depends on the uniqueness of your hair. If you are particularly accustomed to other natural oils, shifting to jojoba will definitely require strong reasons. However, using it everyday can also pose the risk of hair fall. Using a good thing in excess is not always good, ironically. There has to be a limit!

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Women frustrated with hair fall and split ends look for desperate solutions. You should know that dripping your hair in jojoba is going to do more harm than good probably! Use it in moderation, a little at a time, and heal your hair slowly. It is natural to be impatient but please keep in mind to allow the usual time for the oil to act its magic!

It is particularly good oil for curly hair. Women with a curly head have to deal with tangles! You can take a few drops of jojoba oil in your palms and massage the tangles gently. It works very smoothly in untangling. Alternately, you can also use a dropper to put a few drops of jojoba on the tangle and then use the comb to untangle. This oil is good for all kinds of hair. You already read how it helps with both thin hair and with curly hair! Women with long or short hairs can always use it to keep their heads in best shapes!

When you are buying, always check the labels. A product marked as jojoba oil may contain only 10% of the extract and the rest filled with petroleum derivatives. Go for pure jojoba oil. Do you know that the pure oil is completely scentless? This is a great advantage over the other natural oil champion, the coconut extract! If you want to use good natural oil for hair, but you cannot stand the coconut smell, it should be a very good option. Treated jojoba has the smell of ‘burnt wood’, so it is not uncomfortable! You can also use it as a face moisturizer after diluting it with water.