Benefits of using magnesia for oily skin

Skin care is very important since the environment we live in is no longer pollution free. Without proper skin care we can have a large number of skin problems like rashes and sores. But to offer yourself proper skin care you need to find out what your skin type is. This is important since the skin care methods for dry, oily and combination skin is different from each other. If you have oily skin then you need to take constant care of your skin to avoid acne breakouts above everything else. Milk of magnesia is known to work wonders for oily skin. Let us look into the miracles that milk of magnesia can offer.

Oily skin care tips

Oily skin has variety of disadvantages one of which is deposition of dirt. The combination of oil with the dirt will become grease. You can wipe out dust particles from any surface but removing the greasy layer becomes really difficult. Pimples and acne are other disadvantages which individuals with oily skin suffer. But, research has found out the advantage of using magnesia for oily skin tone. Magnesia can be applied on your oily skin to get rid of unnecessary oil. Even this will make your skin smooth and attractive. Magnesia is now available in both liquid and tablet form. You can use it in any way you wish.

Milk of magnesia

Milk of magnesia or magnesium hydroxide is a well known medication recommended for constipation and other digestive problems. Milk of magnesia is the mixture of magnesium hydroxide, purified water and sodium hypochlorite. The solution does look like milk but it certainly is not a dairy product. The liquid is alkaline in nature hence it is effective when it comes to combating acid reflux. It also acts as a laxative. Milk of magnesia is popularly found in pill form to help get the dosage right. But your stomach is not the only part of your body that can be relieved by the effects of milk of magnesia.

How to use on skin

If you are planning to use milk of magnesia for your oily skin then you need to first find the medicine in liquid form. You need to clean your face with any face wash that suits oily skin, then apply the liquid with cotton, do not apply large quantities and finally allow the thin layer of liquid to dry. You can apply makeup on the dry layer of magnesia or can go to bed with the layer on.


Skin care tips for oily skin

Apart from being a good laxative and antacid milk of magnesia can be applied on the skin to get a large number of benefits like:

  1. Milk of magnesia is good for oily skin as it dries the skin up by soaking up all the oil quite rapidly. Thus it offers immediate results.
  2. The effect of the liquid lasts for hours so you do not have to keep worrying about your face becoming oily again soon.
  3. Since it is alkaline in nature it does not burn or cause any kind of irritation on oily skin. But it can over dry the skin if you have dry skin so you need to be careful of it.
  4. The dried layer of milk of magnesia makes the skin extra smooth. So if you wish to apply makeup after the application then you are sure to get a dry and smooth skin to work with, instead of an oily mess.
  5. The layer also hold makeup longer. Your skin does not begin to leach away the makeup due to the excess oil. So, the milk of magnesia can make your face a canvas for you to work on.
  6. Milk of magnesia is a readily available and cheap medicine that has multiple benefits. So this cure for oily skin is a relief on your pocket unlike expensive specialized skin care products.
  7. This is use full to kill the bacteria on the skin as it contains zinc, it heal wounds.
  8. Using milk of magnesia on the skin prevents blemishes and skin irritation.
  9. Using milk of magnesia is a gentler way to remove blackheads .Cover your blackhead affected area with milk of magnesia and clean off with warm water once it dried. blackhead affected area with milk of magnesia and clean off with warm water once it dried.
  10. Some of them use magnesia milk as a primer. This can smooth the skin and make ready for application of makeup.
  11. Magnesia milk consists of oil blotting properties which reduce generating oil during summers.
  12. Milk of magnesia acts as a clay mask to remove excess oils from the skin.

Benefits of magnesia for oily skin

Use as a cleanser

Fairness tips for oily skin

You must have been using variety of cleansers available in the market. Those from the reputed brands are very expensive. Also the local made face cleanser can be harmful for your skin. But, if you can use original magnesia available in both liquid and tablet form for face cleanser, it will work effectively without side effects and high cost. You can save sum through budgeting and use magnesia to make perfect cleaning ingredient.

Control unnecessary shine

The skin tones of individuals with oily skin are prone to unnecessary shine. It becomes really embarrassing when they face the crowd. People do not take it in a better way. But, if you can use magnesia on your skin, this will easily control the unnecessary shine. Your face will appear like the other 10 individuals who have normal skin. You must stay inclined to the use of magnesia on a regular basis.

Reduce pimples on skin

We all know that people with oily skin tone have good accumulation of pimples which will give rise to blemishes. Application of magnesia on the oily skin can reduce pimples and the blemishes associated with it. Since milk is rich in magnesia, you can use the liquid with cotton dipping into it and covering your entire face. You can see the result of pimples reduction in just few days. Smooth and plain skin will be viewed after magnesia treatment.