Tips to get rid of prickly heat quickly

Prickly heat can be really irritating. They not only look awful on the skin but the prickling itchy feeling of these rashes can cause serious discomfort to anybody.

While prickly heat rashes are most common during the summer due to the high temperature and humidity, they might also appear during winter.

If you have a tendency of getting prickly heat rashes during a particular season, it is best that you start taking precautions as soon as the season starts knocking at the door. In this way, you can prevent the problem from happening instead of treating it once the problem has started.

As prickly heat is most common during the summer and summer is just knocking at the door, it is the high time that you get to know the best tips to get rid of prickly heat overnight.

However, to be honest, you really cannot get rid of prickly heat rashes in a night, once it has appeared on your skin in a full-fledged way, but if you follow the right tips as soon as prickly heat rashes has started to appear, you are sure to get relief much quickly and even in a single night.

To get rid of prickly heat rashes quickly, you can easily opt for some simple home remedies, that will help in absorbing the excess heat and calm down the irritated skin. Following some tips can also be most helpful to keep prickly heat in control.

Prickly heat rashes is directly related to higher body heat, hence banking on foods that help in lowering body temperature can be effective to reduce prickly heat.

Tips to get rid of prickly heat

Wear loose fitting cotton clothes

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The first and most important tip to get rid of prickly heat quickly is to wear loose fitting pure cotton or linen clothes that allow proper passage to air and absorbs sweat, instead of making your skin damp.

Good quality cotton and linen clothes with a loose fit can give you great relief from prickly heat quickly. Make sure that the cotton clothes are well covering, as that will give some level of protection to the body from the external heat.

Change your clothes frequently

Change your clothes as soon as they seem to have become damp with sweat.

In a hot and humid weather getting all soaked up in sweat is very common but if you are trying to get rid of prickly heat or you just want to stay away from this irritating skin problem this summer, make sure that you change your cotton clothes as soon as they have become damp.

Try to stay in a cooler environment

Try to stay indoors and if possible in an artificially conditioned area. If you do not sweat, naturally your chance of getting prickly heat rashes reduces and staying in AC can also be highly effective to reduce the already appeared prickly heat rashes.

Opt for frequent bathing

Taking frequent bath can be very helpful to reduce prickly heat. Bathing reduces the body temperature significantly which can be an effective natural way to get rid of prickly heat this summer.

Do not forget to add some essential oil enriched bathing salt in your bathing water. This will help in keeping your body temperature low and your skin healthy.

Get the right diet

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What you eat has a significant impact on your total body heat. So, opting for a diet that includes ingredients which help in lowering body heat can be highly helpful to get rid of prickly heat rashes quickly.

Also make sure that your diet does not include food items that are known for producing more body heat, like meat, ginger, garlic, complex carbohydrates and others.

Here we have collected a list of the top foods that can help in lowering body temperature and thus reduce prickly heat considerably.

Top foods to eat for reducing prickly heat

Bottle gourd

When it comes to the foods that can reduce body temperature and help in healing prickly heat rashes quickly, the name of bottle gourd comes at the first.

This vegetable might not be a preferred choice of many but the benefits they offer to the body, particularly during the hot summer season cannot be denied.

Bottle gourd is filled with water, essential micro nutrients and fibers that help in keeping the body healthy and also helps in controlling body temperature.

If you are looking for food that will help you stay cool from inside even during this hot summer, bottle gourd should be your first choice.

Ridge gourd

Ridge gourd is the other green vegetable that can make a wonderful choice for the summer. It comes with a lot of water and essential nutrients. It is easy to digest and can be effective in lowering body temperature due to its high water and micronutrient content.


To lower body heat naturally during the summer radish can be a good pick amongst the common vegetables. This root has high water content that helps in lowering body temperature. Moreover, the Vitamin C content of Radish also provides a cooling effect in the body.

It is also easy to digest and keeps your digestive system healthy. To get rid of prickly heat you can include radish juice or radish in any other form in your diet, but try not to cook it, which will destroy the Vitamin C.

White rice

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When it comes to reducing prickly heat by lowering the heat generated in the body through intake of the body cooling foods, white rice can be a good choice. White rice provides a cooling effect in the body and it is also easy to digest.

Changing the complex carbs in your diet with simple carb like white rice can be helpful to lower your body temperature and thus control prickly heat rashes.

Poppy seeds

Poppy seeds are wonderful for lowering body temperature even during extreme summer. These seeds can be used in different ways in regular curries and dishes. To reduce prickly heat by lowering body temperature, you can include sufficient amount of poppy seeds in your daily diet.


Melons are the best fruit that you can have during summer to lower your body temperature and to reduce the problem of prickly heat.

Melons are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals that help in keeping the body cool. The high water content of melon is the other reason that it works so miraculously in controlling body heat.


To introduce variety in your fruit choices during summer include more of cucumber in your daily diet. Cucumber has high water and micro-nutrient content that helps in reducing body temperature.

Cucumber also helps in digestion and thus promotes better digestive health, reducing the generation of more heat in the body.


Pineapple is the other fruit on which you can devour during the summer to reduce body heat and to get rid of prickly heat rashes quickly. The juicy pineapples are a great source of Vitamin C, water and fiber, all of which helps in keeping the body cool from inside.

Sour curd

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Sour curd is a food that should be your preferred choice during summer. Sour curd contains a lot of micro nutrients as well as bacteria that are actually healthy for the digestive system and the body.

Eating sour curd in your daily diet can be most helpful to control excess body heat during the hot summer days. You can also opt for chilled sour curd to beat the summer heat.

Cold milk

Drinking cold milk can also be effective to control excess body heat and to reduce the prickly heat rashes. Cold milk is a good source of nutrients and it can be a great drink to negate the effects of excess heat during summer.

Water and juices can help in reducing prickly heat

Water and juices has a direct impact in controlling body temperature. By including more water and juices in your daily diet you can stay cool from within even in the hot summer days, which will also help in reducing prickly heat.

Treatments to get rid of prickly heat overnight

If you are following the above tips as well as the diet as suggested, opting for some easy home treatments can be most effective to get rid of prickly heat even overnight, particularly if your rashes are just beginning to appear.

Try the following overnight prickly heat treatments to get the best results,

Aloe Vera gel for overnight prickly heat relief

Aloe Vera gel can work miraculously on freshly appeared prickly itch rashes. All you need to do is to apply excess Aloe Vera gel on the affected area of the skin before going to bed.

You should clean the area with a face wash before applying the Aloe Vera gel. In the morning, wash off the Aloe Vera gel with excess water and repeat application if required.

Calamine lotion for quick prickly heat relief

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Calamine lotions are available over the counter and these lotions can be very effective to give you rid from prickly itch overnight. Apply a thick layer of calamine lotion on the rashes before going to bed at night.

Wash off in the morning. You might not need a repeat application if the rashes were just starting to appear.

Sandalwood for overnight prickly heat respite

Sandalwood is very soothing for the skin and it helps in lowering the skin temperature which can be helpful to heal the prickly heat rashes quickly. Before going to bed at night, clean the heat rash affected area with a mild cleanser, and pat it dry.

Apply a thick layer of freshly prepared sandalwood paste to the area and get to sleep. In the morning you can expect to see some serious improvements in your prickly heat condition.

Potato pack for summer prickly itch

Potato has cooling and calming effect on the skin. Application of a thick potato pack on the heat rash affected area can be very helpful.

Take a potato, smash it to make a smooth paste and apply directly onto the rash affected skin. It will calm down the itchy sensation immediately and help in getting rid of the rashes by the morning.

Mint pack for treating prickly heat quickly

Mint has excellent cooling properties and it is also known for its natural antimicrobial effects. You can prepare a mint pack by crushing a handful of mint leaves into a paste.

Apply this paste onto the heat rash affected area and leave on. Wash off in the morning or if you do not want to go to bed with the pack on, just remove the leaves from the top before going to bed but do not wash off or wipe the area.

Fuller’s earth for quick relief from prickly itch

Fuller’s earth can work quickly in giving you relief from the itchy sensation of prickly heat and it will also calm the existing rashes help you to get rid of the prickly itch overnight.

Prepare a thick paste of fuller’s earth and water and apply it onto the rashes. You can either sleep with the pack on or you can remove it with a soft cotton cloth before going to bed.